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Guidance for completing this form
This form is for completion by organizations seeking funding from Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA (Laureus USA).

We are interested in non-profit organizations that intentionally use sport to address social issues aligned to Laureus USA’s areas of focus. Our focus areas, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, are:

1. Supporting quality and access to education
2. Improving physical and mental health
3. Increasing employability of young people
4. Increasing community cohesion through the reduction of crime, violence, and discrimination

Funding will be granted to organizations operating in or serving youth from the target neighborhoods of Vine City, English Avenue, and Washington Park on Atlanta’s Westside. Applications will also be considered 
from organizations planning to expand service to these target populations with Laureus USA funding.

Successful applicants will be expected to comply with Laureus USA reporting requirements that include collecting and providing data on education outcomes (school attendance, test scores, grades, and graduation rates), as well as surveys of social emotional health and physical activity of youth participants.
About your Organization

Your Contact Details
Your Idea
Please describe how your organization uses sport to address the social issues in your community. Please include:

1. A summary of the needs you address and how these were identified
2. The methods you use in your program to address this need
3. The scale and geography of your work, highlighting your current or planned work serving youth from Atlanta’s Westside neighborhoods of Vine City, English Avenue, and Washington Park 
4. Key achievements so far
5. Why you think your work is a good fir with Laureus USA
6. If awarded grant funding from Laureus USA, how your organization would use this funding to further your mission
7. Your organization’s capacity and willingness to comply with Laureus USA reporting requirements collecting data related to education outcomes as well as social emotional and physical health of youth participants

If your organization intends to apply for an additional $10,000 / year to serve on the Coalition steering committee, please also include:

8. Your organization’s capacity and willingness to serve in a leadership role for a wider Coalition of sport for development organizations, highlighting any experience of your senior staff in participating in community coalitions and initiatives

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