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Thank you for your interest in the Institute for Nonprofit Practice. Note that you will be asked to upload a current resume and recent photo as part of this application. 

Applications for the Community Fellows Program are now CLOSED for the 2019 Application cycle. Thank you for your interest in the program and if you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at info@nonprofitpractice.org

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Contact Information 

Organization Information 

Please include your work address here, although it may not be your organization's main address.

For budget size, if you work within a program or organization that is part of a larger parent organization, please provide the operating budget for the organization providing administration, e.g. where your HR department/support is based.

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Additional Information 

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Letters of Recommendation
Please provide contact information for two people who can recommend you to the program; each will receive an email link to a recommendation form. One person should be someone who has supervised you (e.g. direct manager, board chair, executive director). The second can be a colleague or someone else who knows your professional work. 
Recommender 1 Information

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By submitting my application, I confirm that all the information I have provided here is true to my knowledge. I understand the tuition (Core Program only) and schedule requirements of the program. I will maintain strict confidentiality of personal and organizational discussions held through the application process and program.

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