2017 White Privilege Conference FGC Registration

WPC18 will be held in Kansas City, Missouri from April 27th - April 30th, 2017
Email This is my... First Name Last Name Address City State/Province  Postal Code Country Phone This is my... Contact phone # while you are traveling I give permission to share my contact information with fellow conference attenders

Preferred Acceptable but not preferred Unacceptable

At this time I am planning to ask for $
in financial aid from FGC.

I am planning to ask for $
from my monthly meeting.

I am planning to ask for $
from my yearly meeting. 

Please make your check out to Friends General Conference, indicate that it is a “White Privilege Conference donation” in the memo, and send to this address:

Friends General Conference

Attn: Development Office

1216 Arch St, #2B

Philadelphia, PA 19107

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