Private Owner Exchange Program Agreement


This agreement made with Vacation Strategy LLC., hereafter referred to as VSLLC and Property Manager/Owner listed below...

(If applicable)



Whereas Property Manager/Owner has excess inventory and VSLLC has rental clients and members, the two parties enter into the following agreement. Property Manager/Owner agrees to give VSLLC 7 night’s access to the following rental property at no charge.

Property Manager/Owner agrees that VSLLC can rent these 7 nights to it’s members and/or guest, gift it for promotional purposes and exposure, allow VSLLC management team to use, or any other permissible use of the property that follows the normal guidelines set by the Property Manager/Owner for any rental client.

VSLLC will adhere to all existing rules and guidelines pertaining to the property... i.e.: Damage Deposits, Check-In, Check-Out Times etc. Property Manager/Owner understands that VSLLC will retain all income, if any resulting from the rental of these 7 nights.

Property Manager/Owner understands this agreement is on a year to year basis, and may choose whether or not to renew on a 12 month rolling basis by providing VSLLC another week. In any event, the membership to the Vacation Strategy Private Membership Club described below is Owner’s for life.


You Will also Receive the Following Benefits

Additional Benefits Listed Below
  • Exposure of the property on Vacation Strategy’s website to thousands of our guests.

  • Ongoing Marketing and Advertising exposure during the length of the agreement.

  • VSLLC will pass on or book for Property Manager/Owner, all rental inquiries of the property that fall outside of the 7 nights belonging to VSLLC.
  • Access to all other Property Manager/Owner properties at discounts up to 50%.

  • Access to Vacation Strategy’s Owner Referral Program to earn free travel.

  • A $5,000 Lifetime Membership to the Vacation Strategy Private Membership Club with access to other high-end properties we handle such as Hilton Grande Vacations, Marriott Vacation Club, Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Disney Vacation Club and other million-dollar private home rentals.



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