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To be included in our overnight camp network, a camp must have an explicit Jewish mission, celebrate or explore Shabbat in some manner, create a knowledge of or connection to Israel, and have operated for at least one camp season.

The key to the Jewish future is Jewish camp. At the Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC), we know from research—and nearly two decades of experience—that this is where young people find Jewish role models and create enduring Jewish friendships. It’s where they forge a vital, lifelong connection to their essential Jewishness.

As part of the FJC network of overnight camps, more than 160 nonprofit camps currently enjoy the benefits of professional development, grant opportunities, One Happy Camper partnership, and so much more.  To learn more about the criteria to be a part of the FJC overnight camp network, please see below.

To be included in our overnight network, camps must:
  1. Operate in the USA or Canada and a certificate of insurance
  2. Be registered as or part of an organization with 501(c)(3) or Canadian equivalent
  3. Demonstrate good governance and sustainability by having written governance policies, an active board, and a financial plan and/or budgets that demonstrate fiscal health.
  4. Have a Jewish mission and provide a Jewish experience through all of the following:
    • Celebrating Shabbat in some manner
    • Creating knowledge of or connection to Israel
    • Education
    • Arts or cultural experiences
    • Religious experiences
  5. Day camp only: Engage children 3+ years old over multiple week summer experiences and encourage multi-year camper participation for at least 4 consecutive summers.
  6. Overnight camp only: Be immersive, self-contained*, and encourage multi-year participation.

*Self-contained applies to programs that operate in non-traditional settings like travel programs or dorms, and do so independently of other programs that might be operating in the same space. These programs must also demonstrate that the program operates 24/7 with no camper ‘time off’ in the evenings or on weekends.

All overnight camps who join the FJC network must agree to the following terms:
  1. Completion of the mandatory annual Camp Census
  2. Yearly information verification/updates for FJC Find-A-Camp on
  3. Placement of FJC logo on camp website

We strongly encourage camp professional and lay leadership teams to attend FJC’s biennial Leaders Assembly.

Full review of compliance with these criteria will be conducted every 5 years, including re-submission of required documentation.

In order to successfully complete this application form, please have the following information ready:
  1. A copy of camp’s mission statement
  2. Documentation of the names of the board of directors and nonprofit bylaws regulating your camp’s governance
  3. A financial plan and the current and previous year operating budget of the camp as approved by the board of directors
  4. Documentation of camp’s tax exempt charitable status as a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) for camps in US or CCRA nonprofit registration for Canadian camps
  5. Documentation of camp’s ACA or OCA accreditation status (if applicable)

Applications are reviewed on a semi-rolling basis. Applications received before December 22, 2017 guarantee consideration for One Happy Camper.  Applications received after this deadline will still be considered for the FJC network, but will not be eligible for consideration for One Happy Camper for summer 2018.  Camp should expect to hear of their status within two weeks of submission of their application.

As part of the FJC network, listed camps will enjoy the benefits of professional development, communities of practice, grant opportunities, and other consultations. Upon acceptance to our network, you will automatically be added to our database to receive communications about upcoming programs and opportunities.

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