Enrollment and Housing Preference Form


We are psyched that you will be joining our cohort of Social Innovation Fellows. Please complete this Enrollment and Housing Preference form and submit your non-refundable $100 housing deposit (which will be applied towards your housing bill). 

If you don't plan to live in CfSI housing, you'll have the chance to tell us that at the end of this form and won't need to pay the $100 deposit. The enrollment form will serve as your commitment to being part of our program!


Thank you for providing this enrollment information, which will help us as we plan for next year's program!




Housing Preference

Please note that this is a housing preference form and that you are not guaranteed your specific choice of room or roommate. 

General Roommate Preferences: What sort of people do you prefer to live with? We won’t be able to accommodate 100% of preferences, but will do our best to match people with similar styles.





*Prices subject to change for the '17-'18 school year.

I'm ready!

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