2017 Spring Exhibitor Application - Updated 3/1

Alaska Health Fair, Inc.
Alaska Health Fair, Inc.
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With questions, please call:
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Thank you for your interest in AHF Health Fairs! Space is free at our events, except for the Fairbanks Health Fair where we charge a nominal fee to cover costs. It's our philosophy that nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations have an opportunity to connect with their constituencies and with the general public at AHF Health Fairs at no cost for the benefit of the entire community.

We ask exhibitors to educate on a subject of health and/or safety. Exhibitors can pick any subject, and many pick a topic related to their mission, programs, and services. If you aren’t sure what health education topic to select, please give us a call. Our staff delivered hundreds of events in all corners of Alaska. We can help you make your presentation and booth exciting, engaging, and effective. Also, please review suggestions at the end of this form.

Use this form to register for AHF Health Fairs: provide your contact information, describe your education topics, and pick your events. To to add/remove events or make any changes down the road, simply call our staff: (907) 278-0234 for Anchorage/Statewide, (907) 374-6853 in Fairbanks, or (907) 723-5100 in Juneau.

Alaska Health Fair is a nonprofit operating Health Fairs since 1980. Please consider making a donation to support our work! Send a check to: 

Donations, AHF

720 W. 58th Ave, Unit J

Anchorage, AK 99518

Or, to make a donation over the phone by credit card call any of our offices. 

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at AHF Health Fairs!

1. Provide Your Contact Information

2. Describe Your Health Education Topic

3. Pick Your Fairs
Fairs grouped by service area, chronological order. Worksite Fairs are marked, usually open to employees and their families. Select one or more events.

Exhibitor Standards Agreement
On behalf of the Company/Organization I represent, I submit this application for exhibit space made and entered into on the date below with the Alaska Health Fair, Inc. hereinafter referred to as AHF. Application for space and its acceptance constitutes a contract to use the space assigned. AHF retains the right to assign and/or change exhibit locations for unavoidable problems of the parties involved. AHF reserves the right to refuse space to those applicants whose exhibit materials are deemed not to be within the interests or the mission of the AHF. The Exhibitor indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless AHF and the provider of the facilities, their officers, directors, employees, and agents, from and against any actions, losses, costs, damages, claims and expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from any damage to property or bodily injury to Exhibitor, his agents, representatives, employees, event attendees by reason of the Exhibitor's occupancy or use of the exhibition facilities. In accordance with these rules and regulations governing exhibits for the AHF Health Fairs on event dates identified on the AHF website, the undersigned makes application for exhibit space.

Additional terms and conditions:

Exhibitors are required to set up their exhibits in advance of Health Fairs, at least 30 minutes before the event starts. Please check with your AHF representative for setup times.

Important: Exhibits must be staffed at all times and for the duration of the entire event. Leaving the assigned booth early degrades the quality of Health Fair for attendees, and AHF reserves the right to refuse admittance to future events to exhibitors who leave before the event ends. Please talk to your AHF representative in advance about any possible exceptions.

Exhibits may include promotional information and free samples of wellness and health products and services offered; however, sales are not permitted at this time. Exhibitors may collect personal information of Health Fair attendees (setting up appointments, etc.) only with the explicit consent from Health Fair attendees and with a written consent from your Health Fair's AHF Program Director (email OK). Please keep in mind that the goal of AHF Health Fairs is education. Alaskans attend Health Fairs because they want to learn about important health and safety topics. If the privilege to promote nonprofit/business cause, products and services is abused (attendees complain, etc.), and attendee evaluations show low educational value of a particular exhibit, AHF reserves the right to no longer allow such exhibitors to participate in Health Fairs. If you are not sure about any aspect of your exhibit, please talk to us. 

Offensive materials may not be exhibited at the Health Fair. These include, but are not limited to pictures or depictions of murder, maiming or trauma or the result thereof; nudity or sexually explicit materials such as those relating to child birth or sexually transmitted diseases; obscene language; content intended to provoke, mislead or misrepresent health issues.

The Health Fair is not a public forum for the exchange and debate of political ideas or religious ideation. AHF will not permit any Exhibitor to address political issues as part of the exhibit. This includes but is not limited to: abortion, water fluoridation, medical licensing, governmental prohibition of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs; mandatory testing or forbidding of testing for diseases or illegal substances, government funding for health programs, nuclear war, vaccination, and the like. Violation of this policy will result in dismissal from the event and future events.

Harassment of participants, other Exhibitors, volunteers or staff (during or after Health Fair) will result in removal from the site and future Health Fairs. AHF collects, evaluates and acts on feedback collected from attendees and volunteers during and after each event.

AHF Health Fairs receive consistently high ratings from Alaskans - all thanks to your hard work, our Exhibitors. Let's keep up the good work and continue helping Alaskans learn about important health and safety topics, and ensure that they have a pleasant, memorable learning experience. If Health Fair attendees are satisfied, your business/nonprofit cause benefits as well, and will continue to do so for years to come. Please exercise common sense and strive for a healthy balance between promoting your business/nonprofit and educating Alaskans on important health and safety topics. Hands-on learning and demonstrations are most effective and highly encouraged. Please don't be shy to engage with your audience. 

AHF reserves the right to dismiss any Exhibitor from the site and from all future Health Fairs for noncompliance with these terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff: (907) 278-0234 in Anchorage/statewide, (907) 374-6853 in Fairbanks, and (907) 723-5100 in Juneau.

How to Make Your Booth Even More Effective - Some Observations by AHF Staff

Throughout the years we've noticed successful exhibitors do things a certain way. The following are some of our observations, you can try some of these at your booth this season:

- Host hands-on demonstrations to attract attention and make your exhibit stand out from the crowd. Let Health Fair attendees try new and exciting things - this will make their experience more memorable and will attract others to your booth.

- Give away promotional items related to the topic of your education. For example, for dental care, you can give away free floss with your contact information on it. Every time someone uses your giveaway item at home, they'll remember your organization. 

- Promote your booth through Alaska Health Fair Newsletter (5,000 subscribers) and Alaska Health Fair Facebook (>2.6K Likes). Research shows a vast majority of attendees come to an event with a goal of visiting a specific booth, so be sure to do this promotion before your Health Fair. We encourage our exhibitors to submit a half-page educational article on a topic of your choice to be included in AHF Newsletter and AHF Facebook Page. Interested? Send your request to ahfair@ak.net today! There's no cost involved.

- Offer free prize drawings: an Apple watch, a book, movie tickets, etc. It really helps to generate attention if the item is currently desirable/fashionable. Be careful not to collect people's personal information without explicit consent. 

- Utilize storytelling in your exhibit, printed materials, and giveaway to make your point and to make your education more memorable (please take care not to violate our rules on graphic and political content).

- Just like you could utilize our social media channels, advertise your booth on your own Facebook and Twitter accounts before your Health Fair. Post announcements, encourage your Facebook and Twitter followers to seek you out and to bring their friends to your booth. Give them a positive reason to come over: invite them for a demonstration, a prize drawing, or for a one-on-one talk or consultation. AHF events offer a friendly, pressure-free environment for your audience to connect with you.

Pick one or two things from the list above to try this year and watch your results grow!

Please make sure your email address is correct on this form. You will receive a copy of this application by email, and a confirmation a week or so in advance of each event. If you don't hear from us, please don't hesitate to call. Should you need to cancel, please notify us right away. Thank you!