ULI Austin: Summer 2018 Local Member Council Interest Form

For information on Local Member Council or the review guidelines prior to completing this application, visit  austin.uli.org/get-involved/local-member-councils.

Applicant Information

Call 800-321-5011 for assistance with your ULI member number.

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Local Member Council Selection

Please rank your interest in the following active councils ("1" being your first choice and "4", last choice).  Do not rank a Council if you are not interested in participating on that Council.

Urban Development LMC Commercial LMC Housing LMC Regional Growth LMC

The Urban Local Member Council (LMC) provides a unique platform for ULI members to discuss all topics, trends, challenges and success stories related to urban development in Austin.

The Commercial Local Member Council (LMC) provides an opportunity for ULI members to share understandings of best practices, challenges and other market issues for retail and office related developments in Central Texas.

The Housing Local Member Council(LMC)provides a forum for ULI members to discuss a broad range of topics, trends, challenges and success stories related to housing development throughout central Texas.

The Regional Growth Local Member Council (LMC) has a wide-range focus enabling ULI members in Central Texas to look at issues unique to their local communities.

Applicant Submission: