ULI Austin: Local Member Council Interest Form

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Local Member Councils are a mission-focused way of bringing together ULI members to have an impact in our communities.

What is a Local Member Council?

A critical mass of ULI members with a shared interest and desire to get involved by routinely convening around a specific topic that is relevant to the ULI mission: to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

Local Member Councils are designed to engage members based on their expertise and passion within the land use industry.   Local Member Councils are topically focused, multidisciplinary groups that meet regularly to exchange ideas, examine industry trends, and share information and best practices in a collaborative and collegial manner.   

Local Member Councils are member-driven and led by co-chairs who are responsible for program content, guest speakers, and meeting schedule. The actions, deliverables, and/or recommendations produced by the Local Member Council are collectively decided by the members.

Membership on each Local Member Council is limited to 12 people and is determined by application. The application process is designed to ensure an engaging experience that includes diverse, multidisciplinary perspectives on each Local Member Council. If a Local Member Council is full, a wait list is created and members will be invited to join as availability opens up.  At the discretion of the Local Member Council co-chairs, a limited number of guests may be invited to select meetings.

Local Member Council members are expected to attend regularly to fully participate in the exchange of information and advance the goals of the Local Member Council. The success of the Local Member Council is dependent upon active participation and meaningful contribution by all members.

General Purposes of a Local Member Council:

  • Provide an avenue for all members to experience the value of ULI;
  • Bring together leaders from across the fields of real estate and land use policy to exchange best practices and serve community needs;
  • Foster collaboration within ULI’s membership – and beyond – by developing trusted connections through dialogue, knowledge sharing and problem solving;
  • Explore issues of urbanization, conservation, regeneration, land use, capital formation, and sustainable development;
  • Advance land use policies and design practices that respect the uniqueness of both the built and natural environments; and
  • Leverage the expertise of ULI’s membership to strengthen the Institute’s overall impact.

Applicant Information

Company Information

Other Information

Please rank your interest in the following LMC's (Local Member Councils).  1= very interested 5=Slightly Interested.  Do not rank an LMC if you do not wish to participate in that LMC.
Urban Development LMC Retail/Office LMC Housing LMC Southern Suburban LMC Northern Suburban LMC
Urban Development & Mixed-Use LMC provides a unique platform for members to discuss all topics, trends, challenges and success stories related to urban development in Austin on a bi-monthly basis.
The Retail and Office LMC will offer an opportunity for members to share understandings of best practices, challenges and other market issues for retail and office related developments in Central Texas.
The Housing LMC provides a forum for members to discuss a broad range of topics, trends, challenges and success stories related to housing development in suburban and CBD Austin. The group has examined issues pertaining to affordable housing, development challenges with local municipalities, a review of CodeNext, and challenges facing Austin and the surrounding communities in regard to infrastructure costs and growth.
The Southern Suburban LMC will have a wide range of focus areas allowing ULI members in south Central Texas to look at issues unique to their geographic area.
The Northern LMC will have a wide range of focus areas allowing ULI members in north Central Texas to look at issues unique to their geographic area.

Applicant Submission:

Local Member Councils have a selection process to identify members to insure a diversity of professional sectors and interests, while engaging as many members as possible.

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