Arts Across Campus Event Proposal 2017-2018

Through gallery exhibits, concerts, lectures, and performances, Arts Across Campus seeks to enhance student knowledge of diverse creativity in an impactful way, cultivating enduring engagement in the arts.

                                                                                                            - Art Across Campus mission


Full-time faculty and post-probationary adjunct faculty are invited to submit proposals for the 2017-2018 Arts Across Campus season under the theme An Other World. Successful proposals will demonstrate clear ties to the AAC Mission Statement and theme (broadly conceived), as well as        

            •           connect to college, program, and/or course learning outcomes,

            •           make cross-campus collaborations,

            •           have the potential for student interest.


Please review the attached flow chart, and be sure you are willing to do your part should your proposed event be funded. Send any documents pertinent to this application to Donna Stuccio ( ) and Sarah Collins ( in an email entitled Arts Across Campus Events Proposal 2017-2018.  There will be two phases of proposal review.  If your proposal is moved to the second round, you will be asked to meet with the AAC committee to review the proposed event’s connection with curriculum.  Final response can be expected by April 1.
Personal Contact Information

AAC Proposed Event Info

Please include all event-related costs in your estimate: honorarium/artist fees, lodging, travel, meals, staging and other necessary equipment rentals, installation, invitations, promotion/advertising/marketing, postage, refreshments and any other applicable costs. Send all required documents to Donna Stuccio ( and Sarah Collins ( Contact for assistance.


All events must be open, at no charge, to the entire campus community, and must not conflict with any major campus event. In addition to the submission of event-specific assessment (#7),  applicants will also submit a post-event questionnaire to IPAR.

Any questions related to your proposal, please contact Donna Stuccio at 498-2673 or email or Sarah Collins at 498-2762 or email

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