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Independence from Hunger
Donor Information: 

Recurring Payroll Deduction Donation Options

One-Time Payroll Deduction Donation Options: 

Donation of Cash:  

Event Donation Totals: 

Please write checks to the Charity selected by the campus.

Total Value of Non-Cash Gifts: 

Includes value of Toys, Food, and other items. $1=4 pounds of food. The cash value of the donation is what must be reported here. 

Donation Agreement
Please read and check below: I authorize the Company to initiate my donation through payroll if applicable. If you are filling out an event entry payroll donations would not apply. Donations are tax deductible. I understand that required payroll taxes will be withheld on PTO donation amounts and only the net (after tax) proceeds will be transferred to the Trilogy Foundation. I understand that this donation is voluntary.  

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