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The completion of this application does not obligate Ashby Village to offer me a volunteer position.  In processing my application, background (and if driving, DMV) checks will be conducted, listed references will be contacted, and possibly former volunteer sites and/or other persons. 


I hereby grant permission to any school, person, firm or corporation to give Ashby Village any information that may be required to arrive at a decision on the status of this application.  I release Ashby Village its officers, employees, representatives and agents from any and all liability and/or damage by me in accessing or using such information.


By checking below, I hereby give my permission to Ashby Village to do background (and if driving, DMV) checks.  I understand this information is confidential, and will not be shared.


To meet the requirements of our background check, a social security number is required for direct one-on-one services with members. For prospective international volunteers who do not have a social security number, we may be able to accommodate office or event volunteering options only.