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Nonprofit Resource Directory

Thank you for your interest in being in the popular Nonprofit Resource Directory. The Resource Directory has served WA State nonprofits – and the specialists who serve them – since February 2011! Over 110 consultants and other nonprofit specialists now take advantage of this affordable, targeted marketing opportunity. We look forward to promoting you too.

This application is where nonprofit specialists demonstrate that they meet Resource Directory requirements and note how they want to be publicly represented. The form is also for first-time applicants versus those who are re-certifying after having been listed for five years.

To help you complete this application, please have the following materials available for uploading:
  • Current resume(s) or detailed bio(s) of primary people working with nonprofits
  • A list of nonprofit clients
  • A list of nonprofit client references (see below for required details)
  • A recent writing sample or excerpt from nonprofit-client work that illustrates your written communication skills
  • A logo or photo (individual or group shot)
  • Promotional material(s) - optional, up to two (2)
The red asterisk (*) means a field is required to fill in. However, only information marked with (D) will be displayed publicly on the website. Other requested information will be used internally to evaluate your application.

For an overview of requirements to be listed in the Resource Directory, including those for the "Interim executive director/CEO" subcategory click here.

To learn more about Resource Directory listing categories and fees, click here.

How Did You Hear About the Nonprofit Resource Directory?
Please help us in our marketing efforts by briefly describing where you learned about the Resource Directory. (100 character max.)
The Nonprofit Resource Directory was developed to help nonprofit organizations find service providers knowledgeable about and experienced with their sector. Therefore, only providers with an established and successful history of serving nonprofits will be included.

Years Serving Nonprofits
To be in the Resource Directory, applicants must have at least 3 years of recent experience serving nonprofits (which includes governmental agencies) in the categories they want to be listed under. Experience working at a nonprofit, while relevant, does not count toward this minimum requirement.
If you do not yet have this level of experience, please apply when you reach the mark. Also, contact us about gaining consulting experience through our Executive Service Corps program and attend our professional development series, Learn to Serve.

Nonprofit Client Base
All applicants must be able to show that they have a nonprofit focus. This is even more important for companies or organizations that serve both businesses and nonprofits. The requirements differ depending on organization size.
  • Under 6 employees – nonprofit clients need to comprise at least 30% of your business
  • Firms with 6 or more employees – nonprofit clients need to comprise at least 30% of your business OR your company must have professionals with demonstrated nonprofit expertise and experience serving nonprofits
We ensure the above standards by contacting recent nonprofit client references. We also review things such as resumes/detailed bios of the people who work with nonprofits, websites, brochures, and other promotional materials.

Interim Executive Directors/CEOs
Effective November 10, 2011, in addition to the above minimum requirements, to be listed under the "Interim executive director/CEO" subcategory, an applicant must:
  1. Have at least two interim ED/CEO engagements in the last six years
  2. Provide references for interim ED/CEO work done for at least two nonprofit clients and 501 Commons will conduct at least two reference checks
Reminder: Experience working as an executive director/CEO at a nonprofit, while relevant, does not apply in this case. Consulting experience is needed. Also, experience from interim roles other than ED/CEO, such as an interim development director, also does not count for this subcategory.
Professional Experience Serving Nonprofits
Please write in the number of years of experience you or your company has as a consultant or service provider to nonprofits. If your company or organization serves both businesses and nonprofits, only include the number of years you meet the above criteria.
Number of years
Contact and Listing Information
The Listing Name is the name that what will appear in Directory search results and at the top of your profile page. Sample listing names include your company name, your own name, or a combination, like "John Doe at ABC Consulting."
Check here if you DO NOT want your above address and a "Map It" link displayed. Your city, state, and zip code will still be published.
A website or public LinkedIn profile is required.
Provide your handle if you use it largely for the sake of your organization. Inclusion means it’s OK for us to promote you through a 501 Commons tweet. Your Twitter name will not be published in the Directory.
Please note the approximate number of employees (including anyone working 10 hrs./wk. or more).
In this section, put information about the person completing this application. You can also provide an alternate contact below if your company prefers that nonprofits contact a receptionist, marketing/business development person, or person other than yourself.
Alternate Contact - Optional
Professional Affiliations/Certifications/Licenses
Please list up to three (3) current and relevant professional affiliations (e.g., association membership) and/or certifications or licenses (trade-related credential vs. business license number). Commercial fundraising companies must supply their Washington State fundraiser registration number.
Information About Your Fees
Please check all options that apply to the way you charge for goods and services.
Hold down the control/"Ctrl" key to select multiple options if you are using a PC; hold down the Command key to select multiple options if you are using a Mac.
Describe the other fee option(s) you offer in 5 words or less.

Geographic Service Area
Please select all of the WA State counties you want to consider requests from and are genuinely able to serve. Choose "All Counties" if you are willing and able to serve the whole state.
Hold down the control/"Ctrl" key to select multiple counties if you are using a PC; hold down the Command key to select multiple counties if you are using a Mac.
If you are a provider of nonprofit consulting services, please select all of the WA State counties where you have completed nonprofit consulting work. If you are not a provider of nonprofit consulting services, choose “NA.”
Hold down the control/"Ctrl" key to select multiple counties if you are using a PC; hold down the Command key to select multiple counties if you are using a Mac.
Subsector Experience/Areas of Focus
Please check any subsectors in which you have in-depth (at least 75 hours) nonprofit consulting experience.
Hold down the control/"Ctrl" key to select multiple options if you are using a PC; hold down the Command key to select multiple options if you are using a Mac.
Describe the other nonprofit subsector(s) you have consulting experience with in 4 words or less.
Cultural Experience
Indicate below if you have consulting experience (at least 20 hours) with organizations that are primarily based in, or focused on, the following communities:
Please describe your specific experience working with organizations that serve them. 

Language Skills
If you fluently provide services in languages other than English, please indicate which languages.
Hold down the control/"Ctrl" key to select multiple options if you are using a PC; hold down the Command key to select multiple options if you are using a Mac.
If you selected "Other" above, please write the name of the language.
Profile and Summary Statements
Please provide the description of your products or services that you want to appear on your Resource Directory profile page.

Allowed formatting: bullets, ALL CAPS, and full weblinks (including "http://"). Disallowed formatting: bold, italics, underlining, and hotlinks.

Submit a 2-sentence version of your profile statement / summary of products or services. Think of this like your “elevator speech.”

Write in sentences only. No bullet points, special formatting (e.g., bold, italics, underlining), weblinks, etc.
Areas of Expertise
While you may do some work in many of the service categories listed below, the purpose of this application is to focus your Resource Directory listing on your primary areas of expertise. You will be required later in this application to provide a reference for each selected category.
  • If you have been in practice for less than 6 years, please select no more than 4 main expertise categories.
  • If you have been in practice for 6 or more years, you may select up to 8 of these expertise categories.
  • Plus, you can choose to be listed in any applicable subcategories associated with your selected expertise categories.
  • The "Facilitation" category does not count toward these listing limits.
Note: If applying for the "Interim executive director/CEO" subcategory, please click here to review the listing requirements for this particular subcategory..

Select those categories and subcategories for which you are requesting a listing. You are required to choose at least one category.

Training and Speaking Expertise
501 Commons offers two ways to connect trainers and speakers with opportunities in the community. First, through our Nonprofit Essentials Training (NET) Program, we offer learning opportunities to nonprofits around the state in the areas of Board Leadership, Nonprofit Financial Management, and Strategic Planning. Other topics will be added later. If you have interest in training through the NET program or would simply like more information, contact Nancy Long at or (206) 682-6704 x102. More information is available at the NET Training page.

Another way we support trainers and speakers is by providing their names to conference and other event organizers when organizers contact us. Answering the two questions below will help us tell others about your training and speaking interests. Note: Any information you provide immediately below will not be made public, or publicized, through your listing in the Resource Directory.
Document Upload
Please upload the following documents, some of which are required for consultants and other for-profit service providers.

Note: If your organization is one of the following nonprofit types and it serves nonprofits in WA State, you do not need to provide the required files:
  • Association, Network, or Professional Group
  • Capacity-Building Organization
  • Educational Program or Resource Center
  • Volunteer Center
Instead, click here to download this placeholder document and save it to your computer desktop.  Then, upload this placeholder file in lieu of the required file requested below. Only by submitting a file, like this placeholder document, can you complete and submit your application.
Please upload a resume, bio, or other summary of the nonprofit experience of your principal(s).
Please upload a list of nonprofit clients.
Please upload a list with a minimum of five nonprofit client references from the past three years. You must include at least one client reference for each of the above Areas of Expertise you selected. A minimum of three clients will be contacted for a reference check. Include the following information for each reference:
  • client/organization name
  • contact name
  • contact title
  • email address
  • telephone number
  • directory category (and subcategory, where applicable) associated with this reference
  • calendar year(s) you worked with this reference in the area of expertise/Directory category mentioned above
Please upload a recent sample or excerpt from a nonprofit consulting project or nonprofit client work that illustrates your written communication skills.
Please upload a company logo or photo. It'll be displayed on your profile page and on the search page (when you're featured). A photo can be an individual or group shot. NOTE: The uploaded image needs to be at least 128 pixels wide and in one of the following formats: GIF, JPG, or PNG.
Promotional Materials (D)
Please upload a brochure, resume, or other promotional material(s) you would like Resource Directory users to be able to view. Up to two materials can be uploaded. This is also optional.
Add a Promo Code
If you have a promotional code or coupon for a discount on the listing fee, please enter it here.
If you have any questions, please contact Information & Referral Program Manager Matt Fikejs at (206) 682-6704 x105 or