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By completing this application, you are agreeing that on acceptance onto the programme you will be expected to pay the full cost of the programme.*

Please note that different payment options are available, including by instalments.

*If you registered your interest before 1 November, you will be eligible for the early bird discount.

Please refer to the Programme Prospectus for more information or contact the Programme Coordinator at
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Why do we ask for your employer’s details? 

We believe that the programme works best when your employer understands the commitment you are undertaking and supports you through your leadership development.
If you are in full time employment, your employer will need to release you to enable you to undertake some of the programme elements, including the two residentials, job swap/placement and action learning sets. They will also be asked to complete a 360 degree questionnaire for you.
If you do not wish for us to contact your employer at this time, please tick the appropriate box below.
Employment in social sector and leadership experience

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Equality monitoring
We aim to encourage greater diversity amongst leaders in the social sector – it is one of our core values. To help us monitor how effective we are at this please answer the following questions. 

The data from this section is confidential and will only be used to provide a profile analysis of the applicants for the Clore6 programme.

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