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Double Up Food Bucks

Michigan Grocery Stores - Application to Participate

We would like to invite you to apply for the Double Up Food Bucks program in grocery stores.  We are looking forward continuing a robust program.  Reaching diverse communities throughout the state of Michigan is one of our goals.  We look forward to helping SNAP customers bring home more fresh locally-grown fruits and vegetables.  

Program Overview

The program doubles the value of federal nutrition (SNAP) benefits spent at participating farmers markets and grocery stores, helping people bring home more healthy fruits and vegetables while supporting local farmers.  This small pilot in 2009, in Detroit has grown into the first state-wide food incentive network effort and is now a national model for healthy food incentives.  Low-income families bring home more healthy food, local farmers gain new customers and make more money, and more food dollars stay in the local economy. Each has a ripple effect of benefits.

Grocery Stores  

Since 2012, Fair Food Network has been implementing a seasonal Double Up Food Bucks in grocery stores. The grocery pilot launched in 3 Detroit stores in July 2013, 4 Detroit stores from August-November 2014, 22 grocery stores from August-December 2015 and 55 stores in 2016 with 6 becoming a year-round site.  FFN is now preparing to include more grocery stores and co-ops in Michigan.

Stores that participate have the potential for additional sales during the program. In addition, participation in this groundbreaking project will provide new avenues for promotion, draw positive media exposure, and attract new customers.

Program Requirements

To selected stores, FFN will provide the following support:

  • Training for store management

  • Monthly reimbursement for Double Up sales when program is in operation

  • Suite of designed marketing materials for in-store program promotion including banner, price cards, window signs, etc.

  • Promotion via FFN’s centrally-coordinated statewide Double Up marketing campaign

  • Technical assistance as needed

To participate in the program, a store must:

  • Be a full-service grocery store or in a designated high-need or FFN priority area

  • Complete an application, providing information about current point of sale and inventory systems.    

  • Allow FFN to conduct a site visit prior to implementation of the Double Up program

  • Accept EBT

  • Adhere to FFN guidelines for program promotion, advertising, and in-store signage

  • Not raise prices of produce or any staple products above competitive market value during program

  • Work with FFN and partners to make necessary changes in point of sale system and inventory systems to support Double Up Food Bucks.  This will involve commitment of staff time and resources, possible upgrade to Point of Sales system which could cost between $500-$600. 

  • Submit monthly invoices to FFN for reimbursement of Double Up Food Bucks sales and provide FFN the following reports year-round:

    • Item Single Total Report of Produce Department

    • Item Single Total Report of Michigan Produce Department

    • Item Single Total Report for Double Up Food Bucks Coupon

  • Provide monthly EBT transaction count and tender amount, and Double Up transaction count and dollar value of incentive disbursed and redeemed each month

Program Priorities

In our program, FFN will prioritize working with stores that meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • Currently has or can adapt POS system to run the Double Up Food Bucks program 

  • Located in a high-need area

  • Operate the Double Up program year-round

  • Source sufficient quantities of Michigan-grown produce during the program season and prove upon request that produce was grown in Michigan. FFN will provide assistance with procurement as needed.

  • Cooperate with FFN on customer relations and staff training.

  • Well-maintained store condition and positive community perception: 

    • Parking lot  

    • Organized 

    • Produce

    • Equipment

    • Community relationship

Complete the application survey below.  ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED.

If you have questions, contact Charles Walker, Retail Specialist Cell: 313.615.9109 Email: cwalker@fairfoodnetwork.org

Store Information

Store Ownership Contact Information

Store Management Contact Information

Business Information

Technical Information

Please provide the contact information of the staff member who is most knowledgeable about your register and inventory system.

Please provide contact information for the company's representative.

Loyalty Program

Please provide contact information for the loyalty program.

Produce Procurement
Please provide the contact information for the staff member most knowledgeable about your produce procurement.

Customer Relations