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Applying for a Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Churchill Fellowship.

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, professions, ages and levels of experience. Everyone can apply. The only requirement is that you are a UK resident citizen aged 18 or over.

To succeed, you do not need to have particular qualifications or be a leader in your field. You just need to be passionate about a new idea that can make a difference to your community or your professional sector in the UK, and that needs to be researched overseas.

You can make only one application for one project per year. If unsuccessful, you can apply again in a following year.

The deadline for applying is 5pm on Tuesday 17 September 2019. Later applications will not be considered.


Before applying, you will need to complete this brief eligibility questionnaire to ensure that your project can be considered. If you are not eligible, you will be unable to continue with your application.

Please note that there are projects we deem to be outside of the purpose of the Fellowship and therefore do not fund.

These include:
  • An idea that will only benefit the applicant, not the wider UK society.
  • An application from more than one person or from a team (expedition leaders can apply, on their own behalf, in the Open category).
  • A project that already has, or hopes to have, a large number of funders.
  • Academic studies, dissertations for undergraduate degrees, degree placements, medical electives, student grants, internships, or courses of any kind.
  • Post-graduate studies, unless they can show wider, practical benefits to others in the UK. 
  • Gap year activities, unless the application is for a stand-alone project.
  • Art projects that will result only in an exhibition and have no public benefit beyond raising the profile and expertise of the applicant.
  • Artist's residencies.
  • Research for fiction, unless it clearly has a wider public benefit.
  • Volunteering.

Thank you for completing the eligibility questionnaire.

Unfortunately your answers indicate that you are not eligible for a Churchill Fellowship and cannot proceed with this application.

For more information on our eligibility criteria, please see our website for 'Who we fund' and 'What we fund'.

Technical issues

If you believe you are eligible, but are experiencing issues with the application form, please try the following:

  • Please check if JavaScript is disabled for your browser.  The application form may now display correctly if you have Javascript disabled. If Javascript is disabled, you will need to enable it for the form to work correctly. You can check if JavaScipt is enabled for your browser (and if needed, how to enable it) here:
  • Which browser are you using? If you are using Internet Explorer, it can have issues displaying the form, and this is out of our control, therefore we recommend using an alternative browser, for example Google Chrome, Firefox or Vivaldi to name a few, or Safari if you are using a Mac.
  • Have you checked that your browser is updated to the latest version? And that you have disabled any option like "encrypted/SSL scanning or checking” on your antivirus or firewall program, e.g. Avast, AVG, McAfree, Norton etc.?

How to apply

The deadline for applying is 5pm on Tuesday 17 September 2019. Applications received after this time will not be considered.

To avoid any technical difficulties arising that may prevent you from submitting in time, we recommend applying well before the deadline. This will also ensure that we are able to support you with any technical difficulties.

Applications should be made using this easy-to-follow online form.*
  • Before starting your application, you should read the FAQs on our website, where you will also find an overview of the whole selection process and timetable.
  • When completing the form, we suggest that you regularly save your answers. If you need to save the form half-way through and return to it later, simply tick the box at the top of any page (‘Save my progress and resume later’) then follow the instructions.
  • Each answer is limited to a maximum number of characters, which is indicated as you type. This number includes spaces, punctuation and returns. If you exceed the limit, your answer text will be cut off and your form may not submit correctly, in which case your application will not proceed. 
  • A red asterisk indicates a question that must be answered and is not optional.
  • On the final page, you will be able to review and print all your answers before submitting. After that point, you will not be able to print, retrieve or change your answers.
If you require assistance with completing this form, please call us on 020 7799 1660 or email us

* If you have a valid reason for not applying online and need a paper copy to be posted to you, please email us on or phone 020 7799 1660, explaining why and requesting a paper form.

How we use your information

We take great care to ensure that all data is handled in accordance with GDPR. We do not pass on or sell lists of postal or email addresses to any third party organisation. We may contact you by post, email or phone, in connection with your application. If you would like to know more about how we use your data, please refer to this section of our website.

Personal details

Please make sure you use your legal name on the application (as it appears on your passport)

Please use an email address that is unlikely to change in the next 12 months


Your Fellowship project

This is your opportunity to outline the project that you wish to research abroad during your Fellowship. Please take time to consider your answers and look at the reports and experiences of other Churchill Fellows. When answering these questions, to help ensure our panels clearly understand your application, please write the names of any acronyms in full when introducing them and explain any technical terms.

Award categories
You need to apply in one of our award categories. If several seem suitable, choose the most relevant one. (If we feel your project fits better in another category, we will change it and let you know as it may affect your interview dates.) Please choose the Open category for projects that do not fit any other category.

Places you plan to visit

Please select the countries you wish to visit during your project below. Please note, you should allow sufficient time to complete your research in each country. We prefer you to visit no more than two continents.

First select a continent and then select the country. You can select more than one by clicking on 'Add Another Continent / Country'.

Continents / Countries

Only enter a full number between 4 to 8.

Employment and qualifications

You do not have to be employed to apply for a Fellowship, but if you are please answer the following three questions.
If not relevant, please write "n/a"

If not relevant, please write "n/a"
Address of the organisation

Other information


Please provide details of your two referees. Your referees should be based in the UK and should have known you well for the last two years and have knowledge of your profession, interests or work in the community. Referees cannot be members of your family or simply social acquaintances.

We will only contact your referees if you are successful in being shortlisted at the end of October 2019.
First referee

Second referee

Equality and Diversity Monitoring

We promote diversity and inclusion in line with the aims and commitments set out in our Equality Policy. This includes not discriminating under the Equality Act 2010, and building an accurate picture of the make-up of our applicants, to ensure we are reaching all applicants across all protected characteristics.  

Completing this page is voluntary and has no bearing on the success of your application. 

If you choose to complete it, the information you provide will remain confidential, and will be stored securely in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. Those assessing your application will not receive this section of your application form. 

Additional questions

The following questions will not be included as part of your application and have no bearing on its success. They will be used solely for the purpose of fairness monitoring. You do not have to complete this section if you do not wish to.                                                                          

Submitting your application

You have nearly completed your application form. 

The next step is to press the 'Review' button below, which takes you to the final page. On that page you can:
  • Review your entire application and make sure you are happy with it. (If you want to change anything, click on the 'Make a correction' link and go to the page you want to change.)
  • Print out your application so that you have a copy for reference. (This is not possible at a later stage.)
  • Pressing the 'Confirm' button at the bottom of the page will complete your application, after which you will be unable to change your application.
You will then receive an automatic email confirming your submission within a few minutes. If you do not, please check your junk or spam mailbox, and if there is still no confirmation email, contact us to check that your submission has arrived.

  • You can only submit one application for one project per year. If unsuccessful, you can apply again in a following year.
  • The deadline for applying is 5pm on Tuesday 17 September 2019. Later applications will not be considered.