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Before completing this form please read the information on our website about applying, in particular about eligibility, process and categories. Please also read our Applications Guidance notes, which can be downloaded from the Apply page on our website,  before completing your application. If you would like to know more about how we use your data, please refer to this section of our website.

Each answer is limited to a maximum number of characters. Please make sure you check the character limit before composing your answer. If your answer is over the character limit, the form may not submit correctly and your answer text will be cut off. 

The deadline to apply is at 5pm on Tuesday 19th September 2017.

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Eligibility and Declaration

I confirm that:
  • I am a UK citizen
  • I am currently resident in the UK
  • By 31st December of this year I will be at least 18 years old
  • I have not been awarded a WCMT Travelling Fellowship before
I declare that the information that I will provide in this application is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate. I am also aware that any false information may lead to the dismissal of my application.
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How we use your information

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Personal Details
Please make sure you use your legal name on the application (as it appears on your passport).

Please use an email address that is unlikely to change in the next 12 months


Employment History

If not relevant, please write "n/a"

If not relevant, please write "n/a"

If not relevant, please write "n/a"

Additional Information

Project Details

Please take time to consider your answers and take the opportunity to look at reports and experiences of other Churchill Fellows.

We may not be experts in your field so please write names in full first before using an acronym and explain terms that are unique to your field the first time you use them.

Please use no more than 10 words for your project title. These should describe your project as this will become the title of your Fellowship on our website and will be how people find your research.
You need to choose one of the categories. Please note that there is an Open category if your project does not fit one of the other categories. If your project would be better assessed in another category we may change it. If we do and you are short listed we will be in touch with you in November with the new interview dates.

Please select below the countries you wish to visit during your project. First select a continent, and then select the country. You can select more than one Continent / Country combination by clicking on "Add Another Continent / Country". Note however that you will only be able to travel to a maximum of 2 continents.

Continents / Countries

Between 4 and 8 weeks

Why do you want or need to do this? Explain the background and relevance of your proposed project, and why overseas travel will help address the problem/issues

What you hope to achieve as a result of your project

Describe in outline how you propose to achieve your aim(s). In particular we’re keen to know why you think the countries you have chosen to visit will be able to offer ideas, solutions and best practice examples to help you achieve your aims. If you wish to visit more than two continents please include the justification here.

The purpose of this question is for us to get an idea of what next steps could look like, who you could be working with and how you see the Fellowship informing your future work.

The purpose of this question is to help us to understand what changes you hope to make as a result of your Fellowship.


Monitoring Questions
We aim to reach out to a wide cross section of society, giving as many people as possible the chance to apply for and be awarded a Churchill Travelling Fellowship. To ensure our application process is as accessible as possible, we aim to monitor certain areas. The following questions will not be included as part of your application and will be used solely for the purpose of fairness monitoring. You do not have to complete this section if you do not wish to.                                                                          

We promote diversity and inclusion in line with the aims and commitments set out in our Equality Policy. This includes not discriminating under the Equality Act 2010, and building an accurate picture of the make-up of our applicants, to ensure we are reaching all applicants across all protected characteristics. 

Completing this form is voluntary. If you choose not to complete it, this will have no bearing on your application.


If you choose to complete it, the information you provide will remain confidential, and will be stored securely in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will have no bearing on your application and those assessing your application will not receive this section of your application form. 

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Remember we only accept one application with one project per individual each year.

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