PRI Vote Declaration System

The PRI's Vote Declaration System has now been integrated into the Collaboration Platform. Please visit PRI's new ESG Shareholder Resolution Database, where vote declarations can be made and publicly shared.

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Investor Details

Investors are invited to pre-declare their voting intentions for the upcoming 2020 proxy season. This is a voluntary opportunity for investors to publicly declare how they intend to vote on shareholder resolutions related to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues that have been filed or co-filed by PRI signatories in advance of the upcoming 2020 proxy season.

This form contains all shareholder resolutions that have been filed or co-filed by PRI signatories for the upcoming 2020 proxy season. Shareholder resolutions can be searched by ESG theme or by company. Each shareholder resolution contains a hyperlink to the PRI’s Collaboration Platform where a full description of the resolution (which may include the filing PRI signatory's voting recommendation) can be found. You can declare whether you are voting: For, Against, Abstain or Not Voting for each shareholder resolution.


  • The shareholder resolutions on this form have either been filed or co-filed by organizations who are signatories to the PRI, and any voting recommendations set forth in the descriptions of the resolutions are those of the filing signatories. The PRI is not advocating that you vote in any particular way on any shareholder resolution or other proposal submitted for a vote at an annual shareholder meeting. 
  • The PRI does not warrant or represent that the information regarding the shareholder resolutions contained in or accessible from this form is accurate, complete, or up to date. The list of resolutions provided on this form is non-exhaustive, and the list may be updated as resolutions are filed or withdrawn. It is important that you refer to the proxy statement of each company for the full list of resolutions and the complete, current text of each resolution.
  • This form is solely intended to improve transparency in the proxy voting process. Your answers are non-binding. Submitting this form does not constitute an actual vote of your shares, and by submitting this form, you are not authorizing the PRI to execute a proxy or submit voting instructions on your behalf.
  • Submission of this form is voluntary and you are not required to provide an answer for every shareholder resolution listed. 
  • By submitting this form you are agreeing that your answers may be made public, these will be published in the PRI's weekly resolution alerts and on the PRI's Collaboration Platform.

Please Control and Click to select multiple options in the lists below so that all shareholder resolutions that you wish to declare your voting intentions on are visible before you submit this form.