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2. Enter Business Contact Name

3. Select Subscription Content Desired

You may select one or more collections for your trial. Use the hyperlinks provided to preview current content.
4. Submit Application

Clicking the "Submit Application" button below will create a no-obligation trial account for your Library which works as follows:

1. Within 48 hours a single-user password-based account will be opened for your Library under the Business Contact email, and you will receive a notice of activation. This account will provide fulltext access to the content you have selected as well as
access to the library administrator dashboard. This is your library's "free trial account" which will remain open and valid for 30 days.

2. You will also receive a pro forma invoice covering the content you have selected; this invoice will cover a 365-day subscription period beginning at the end of the trial. If you wish to alter the content covered, or the subscription term, you may request changes to the invoice at any time.

3. Your free trial will end after 30 days.

4. When the invoice is paid, your subscription term will be set for 365 days after the invoice date, and your Library account will be opened (or reopened if the trial has expired) with full IP-authentication, which will support multiple-user access.

Please contact us at if you need assistance or further information before proceeding.

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