A5 App Paid Support Hours

You can grant access to A5 Apps (Ramsey Solutions) to be able to login to your org by going to Setup, Personal Information, Grant Access. This well help expedite support.

@ $125/hour


  1. Support hours needed may be estimated by the Support team. We will do our best to estimate the best we can but there is no guarantee of the hours required. Sometimes more hours will be required. We will advise if estimated hours change.
  2. Customer must purchase hours before they are consumed.
  3. Hours purchased will be consumed in half hour increments.  Meaning you may schedule a call with a support specialist but if the call only takes 15 minutes, a half hour will still be deducted from your support hours.  If you send an email asking questions that is short and only takes a few minutes to respond a half hour will be deducted.  We suggest to to write emails with questions in detail and with all questions and/or schedule a call to review as much as you need in one session.  
  4. Support hours purchased will expire 3 months from purchase if not used.