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Small Grant Programme 

The Small Grants Programme is open to applications up to £10,000 towards creating opportunities for young people and their families to have the resilience, skills and capacity to lead happy and healthy lives. Through creating these opportunities, we aim to tackle the causes of inter-generational inequality. Our funding is currency restricted to the following geographical areas. 

-              Westminster
-              Chester
-              Rural areas of Lancashire, Sutherland and Cheshire

Your organisation must be a charity registered with the Charity Commission, or have exclusively charitable objectives (organisations that have "exempt" or "excepted" status such as educational establishments and churches may qualify under these criteria).

Please note that we do not support individuals, specific groups, animal or medical charities

We recommend that you only apply if your project/organisation is eligible for funding. Do not spend time preparing an application that does not fit within our grant making criteria. If your application does not meet these criteria, please do not apply. 

Grant Application Form

This application form consists of 6 sections. You can save your progress at any time. In order to complete this application form in full you will need to provide:

    1. a project/funding outline
    2. expected outcomes
    3. a budget breakdown

There is an opportunity for applicants to upload photographs as a separate file, if you believe they provide useful information about your application. 

Page 1 - Contact Information

Your professional contact details will be stored on our Customer Relationship Management system for the purposes of grant making. We would encourage you to read the Westminster Foundation Privacy Policy here.
Please enter the name of the person from your organisation who is the primary contact for this application.
Page 2 - Organisation Details
In max 100 words, please describe the main aims of your organisation, your work and how this serves the public benefit.

Page 3 - Background to Grant Request 

Please add a short title of the application/project (e.g. 'core costs' or 'contribution towards salary of volunteer co-ordinator'
Please keep your aim under 20 words. The aim sums up the purpose of your project rather than the impact it has
Maximum value of £10,000. Please enter the total amount requested as a whole number and without a comma (e.g. 1234, not £1,234.42).
Grants are only available for one-off requests of up to £10,000
Please select the area that this work will focus. If this is more than one area, please select the main area and make reference to the other areas in the text.
Please limit your answer to 200 words. Please outline how your organisation will carry out the proposed work. If the funding is for a particular project, please give details of the scope of the project, including the numbers of staff and volunteers involved. Include any practical details on how the project will operate. If the funding is not for a particular project (i.e. core costs) please summarise the major expenditure items covered within your core costs budget.
Please outline how your application for funding relates to the needs of your beneficiaries, and provide as much evidence as possible in 200 words. If the funding is for a particular project, please demonstrate how the project is a direct response to a need (or needs) that you have identified. This might include a shortfall amongst other similar service provision, the absence of a required service in your area or a change in circumstances amongst your potential beneficiaries. If the funding is not for a particular project (i.e. core costs) please summarise how your organisation meets needs in your area. (E.g. Homelessness figures in the area you are working, or unemployment figures within a particular group).
Please limit your answer to 200 words. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding who will directly benefit from this funding (this might include an estimate of the number of beneficiaries, the age of beneficiaries or the location of the services provided).

Page 4 - Outcome Assessment

Please list up to 4 outcomes that you expect to result from this grant:

The Westminster Foundation defines an 'outcome' as the direct changes that your project can make over time to address the need(s) you have identified. They are the result of what you do, rather than the activities or services you provide. In answer to this question, we simply ask that you list what you expect to come out of this grant in order to judge it a success. We will ask you to report against these measures at the end of your grant.

Your list may include both qualitative and quantitative outcomes however outcomes are best described using words of change, such as: 'more', 'better', 'less' or 'improved'. In some cases outcomes may involve keeping a situation stable, or stopping things from getting worse.

The expected outcomes are not to be confused with the project aims.  The aim sums up the purpose of your project rather than the impact it has.

Example outcomes might include:

- 5 young people access meaningful employment as a result of positive activity

- increase the efficiency of our service by bringing down cost per beneficiary

- fathers improve their parenting skills resulting in stronger family relationships

- provide training to staff/ volunteers to improve skills and capacity to meet needs

- an increase in local community groups will decrease social isolation for elderly people 

Page 5 - Financial Details

Please state this application as a % of the total cost of the project/core costs budget. E.g. if the project will cost £50,000 and you are applying for £5,000, enter "10".
In the format: DD/MM/YYYY
Please include funding secured so far, total shortfall and how you plan to address this shortfall.
Please enter the annual expenditure of your organisation from the latest set of audited accounts, as a whole number and without a comma (e.g. 1234, not £1,234.42).
Please enter the annual income of your organisation from the latest set of audited accounts, as a whole number and without a comma (e.g. 1234, not £1,234.42)
Please enter the income carried over from the previous year, as a whole number and without a comma (e.g. 1234, not £1,234.42).
Please enter the total percentage of your annual income that comes from statutory sources (e.g. local authority grant)

Page 6 - Additional Infomation

Please only upload photographs that you think will assist the grant panels to understand your project. (Supported Files: PDF, DOC, XLS, JPEG) By submitting these photographs you give the Westminster Foundation permission to use the images in our publicity and communications. If you would like to include photos that you would not like the Foundation to use more publicly, please notify us in the file containing the photographs (either in the filename or a text box within the file).
Please include all photographs in a  single word document. If you only wish to upload a single photograph, please upload it as a JPEG.Please limit the size of the photograph upload to 3MB.
Contact Preferences 

For a number of years, the Westminster Foundation has sought to build on its grant making by offering other opportunities to a number of charities that we support. On occasion we may contact you with an invitation to attend free events hosted by the Foundation. 

If you are would like to be informed about events hosted by the Westminster Foundation, please specify you contact preferences below:

You will have the opportunity at anytime to let us know that you do not want to be contacted to receive information about these events. This includes licking 'the unsubscribe' link on any marketing emails we may end you. 

After you have clicked SUBMIT (below), you will be able to review your form.

After reviewing the form, you will be required to click CONFIRM in order to finally submit the application.

After you have confirmed submission, you will receive a notification that your application has been received successfully - please be patient as this may take a few moments. Please note that we are only able to contact successful applicants so if you do not hear from us within 12 weeks, please assume that your application has not been awarded a grant.  Unfortunately, the volume of appeals we receive is such that it is not possible to support all requests even if they appear to meet our criteria.

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