OCI VIP 2017 Media Access and Alumni Scholarship Donation

Thanks for showing interest in OCIVIP!

Welcome to the OCI VIP registration, your gateway to exclusive Oregon Crusaders Indoor 2017 content. We will be providing an inside look into this year's production "Little Pink Houses" including plenty of behind-the-scenes photos, footage, interviews, LIVE STREAMS of rehearsals and shows, and exclusive access to our trip to WGI! Because our service will be hosted on Facebook, not only will you get to follow OCI from the comfort of your home or mobile device, you will get to socialize with other OCIVIP members as well! Consider it a back-stage pass for those who want more OCI than time allows. You will need to have a Facebook account to participate. All funds generated from OCIVIP go directly to helping the group get to Dayton, Ohio for the WGI World Championships in April!

For just $25 you can enjoy OCIVIP for the duration of the 2017 season! One subscription per household please.

If you are Alumni of OCI, your membership fee and any donation above $25 will go towards funding the 2017 Alumni Scholarship.

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