MCC Public Meetings Attendance Record

Understanding the public process is one of the keys to understanding democracy and the role of an engaged citizen. Please adhere to the following guidance when completing your requirement:
  • All meetings must be open to the public and centered on an issue of public concern.
  • All meetings must include an element of public decision making and/or relevance to public policy.
  • Members are instructed to observe, not participate in public meetings. If asked, members may identify themselves as members of MCC and share why they are in attendance.
  • Public meetings must be documented electronically by the participant and will include the title of the meeting, its date and time, and a brief description of the meeting’s content. Staff may request a copy of an agenda from the meeting.
  • Public meeting attendance does not count toward the Non-MCC volunteer requirement.
  • Should a member desire to participate in a public meeting as a private citizen they:
    • Are not to wear their MCC uniform
    • Must not identify their participation as a function of the MCC
    • May not document their attendance towards this program requirement

Your MCC Code. Initials + Last 4 of your phone number + -23Y. ie. NR2322-23Y