Application for the Purchase of Development Rights on Farmland

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This is an application to the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board (VHCB) for qualified applicants working with landowners on the sale of development rights of farmland for approved pre-applications.

58 E. State Street
Montpelier, VT 05602



Submit only one copy of the following for VHCB’s master file:

a)  Correspondence (to and from municipal, regional, and state officials)
b)  Letters of Support (optional)
c)  Appraisal Report (must be based on site plan submitted with application)
d)  Purchase and Sales Agreement (signed copy)
e)  Proposed Conservation Easement

VHCB staff should be contacted to find out the exact date of the Board meetings. 

The Board's adopted rule as well as the following VHCB policies and applications are available upon request, or on the VHCB website, VHCB Policies 


Archaeology Resources (Proposed Policy) 9/03 (PDF)
Conservation of Agricultural Land 6/2016 (PDF)
Conservation Easement Holding and Stewardship Policy 3/05 (PDF)
Associated Costs for Agricultural Conservation Projects 5/10 (PDF)
Associated Costs for Non-Farm Conservation Projects 5/08 (PDF)
Feasibility Funds 1/03 (PDF
Funding for Natural Areas 4/91 (PDF
Historic Preservation 5/03 (PDF)
Interim Policy on Amending Conservation Easements 1/13 (PDF)
Local Conservation Projects 9/08 (PDF
Option to Purchase at Agricultural Value Acquisition Program Policy 9/2013 (PDF)
Organizational Development Funding 6/2012 (PDF)
Public Access on Agricultural Land 11/99 (PDF)
Public Outdoor Recreation 7/88 (PDF)
Urgent Farmland Transfer Projects Criteria and Process 5/12 (PDF
Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program 6/04 (PDF)

Approving Barns, Sugar Houses and Similar Structures 11/99 (PDF)
Guidelines Defining Agriculture and Agricultural Buildings in Conservation Easement 5/2007 (PDF)
Guidelines for Funding Private Working Forestland and Sugarbushes 1/2013 (PDF)
Interim Renewable Energy Guidelines 1/2014 (PDF)
Process and Configuration Guidelines for Applying to Sell Development Rights on Farmland 1/2015 (PDF)
Rural Enterprises on Conserved Farmland 9/03 (PDF)
Sole Discretion Farm Labor Housing Guidelines 1/2013 (PDF)
Subdivision of Conserved Farms 5/2010 (PDF)
Water Quality Guidelines 1/2015 (PDF
Wireless Telecommunications Facilities on Farm Structures 5/03 (PDF)

VHCB Standards for Supplemental Appraisal Reports for Farmland Conservation Projects 10/09
NRCS/FRPP Appraisal Standards (NRCS FRPP Policy Manual 519.62)
Conservation Mapping Standards
Fee Simple Appraisals

Page 2

Landowner Information
Farmer Information (if different from landowner)
Parcel Address
MUST be the 911 address - NOT a PO box, etc. that is not the physical address

Page 3

Project Acres
How many acres are currently growing crops (hay, grain, fruits, vegetables,etc.)?                                                             
How many acres are currently used for grazing or could be used for grazing?
How many acres are woods?
How many acres are unmanaged/incidental?
How many acres are in farmstead or residential use?
Within this box, the acres in the right hand column should equal the
Land Resource
 Soil Type                                                                       Acres                           Percent
Prime (non-footnoted)                      
Prime (footnoted)                      
Prime Total
State (non-footnoted) 
State (footnoted) 
State Total
Note: If the property straddles a road, count frontage on both sides.

Page 4

Infrastructure and Buildings
Farm Managment
Enter numbers only - no commas or periods
Manure Storage
Milkhouse Waste
Barnyard Construction
Waterways or Ditching
Drainage Tile

Page 5

Leverage and Support

Enter # of miles for each of the  following:
#1: Total Trail Mileage
#2 Trail Type
#2 Trail Type
#3 Allowed Special Uses
Watershed / Sub-Watershed
Tax Information
Attachments - MUST be sent as ONE (1) PDF FILE including all the required documents below.

This application must have the following PDFs attached in the order shown below:

·         Cover Sheet

·         Budget

·         Local road map showing the property’s location, road names, and proximity to other conserved lands.

·         Orthophoto map of the property showing location of main buildings and any excluded land.

·         NRCS soils map and areas of soil units. Provide a key to the soil types.

·         USGS topographic map. (Show confirmed locations of rare, threatened and endangered species and/or significant natural communities, important wetlands, and deeryards, if possible.)

·         Tax parcel map suggested (not required).

·         National Flood Insurance Program flood map (if applicable).

·         Photographs of the property showing land and buildings.

·      Landowner Signature Page: Statement of Intent, Property Access & Release of Records (link below)

       Preapplication Landowner Signature Page: Statement of Intent, Property Access and Release of Records 

PDF Document to Upload
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