2017/18 PreK Year 1 Core Blended Learning Registration 

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Please complete the information below for each attendee. If you do not yet know the name of the staff member who will be attending, you may use "TBD" for the names and leave the other fields blank. You will have the opportunity to provide this information at a later time. To register more than one attendee, click "Add Additional Attendee."  You will be billed for the number of participants registered.  
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Classroom Materials Kits from Lakeshore
Each new classroom implementing Tools will need one Classroom Materials Kit from Lakeshore. Please indicate how many new Lakeshore Kits you will need for implementation this year. Please note that completing this form does not constitute an order for your kits. To place an order for your Lakeshore Kits, please contact Lakeshore directly at 800-778-4456.
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Thank you for registering for Tools of the Mind training.

For questions or to speak to a representative please call 720-541-9597or email information@toolsofthemind.org

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