2017 TIFF Sesame Workshop Pitch Application

About Sesame Workshop Pitch
As part of our ongoing commitment to creating economic opportunities for industry professionals, TIFF Industry will facilitate a unique pitch opportunity for Canadian filmmakers with Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Street.  The pitching sessions will take place during the two-day TIFF Kids Industry Forum, April 19 - 20. 

Sesame Workshop is interested in meeting talented Canadian producers and directors.  A maximum of ten successful applicants will have the exclusive opportunity to pitch their idea to Sesame Workshop for the chance to make a short film for the much-loved children’s television show.  It is not essential for you to have worked previously in children's television or film in order to be eligible for the pitching programme. 

The pitching sessions will take place in an open forum - registered Festival delegates will have the opportunity to view the pitches and feedback sessions. 

For Successful Applicants:
The selected 10 candidates will review and prepare the formal Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by Sesame Workshop that will be sent by no later than April 6, 2017. They will work with a professional pitch coach who will provide feedback and guidance on the pitch during a one day training session mid-April. Following this session, applicants will be able to refine their proposals and finally, to present their pitch face-to-face to Sesame Workshop producers for a 10 minute time slot during the TIFF Kids Industry Forum. 

Sesame Workshop is interested in commissioning live action, animation and mixed media.

Your pitch should include:
1) your idea/pitch, including any thoughts on implementation 
2) an itemized budget
3) a project development timeline
4) storyboards, illustrations or any relevant images as points of reference 
5) a resource allocation sheet listing key creative and executives expected to be assigned to the project

Please note that by submitting an application, you acknowledge that TIFF inc. reserves the right to film, record or photograph its events and activities for its own purposes.
Questions about Sesame Workshop Pitch and the application process should be directed to industry@tiff.net.

Applications for Sesame Workshop Pitch are FREE.

• This program is open to anyone who has directed, produced or written a minimum of one short film or has contributed to a kids TV show or online series.

• Applicants must be Canadian talent. Please note that all sessions will be held in English. Applicants should be able to speak and understand English fluently.

• Only one submission per applicant.


• Applicants must submit a link to one previous film project (short film, feature film; documentary, fiction or animation).


• Applications need to be submitted by the applicants themselves, not by third parties (i.e. assistants, co-workers etc.).

Submission Guidelines & Deadlines

Online Applications must be submitted by 5pm E.S.T. on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

All applicants must include a link to a digital one-minute clip from one of their films as part of their application. The link needs to be inserted in the application form (see next page). Successful applicants will be notified and sent the official Sesame Workshop RFP by no later than April 6, 2017.

File Viewing Websites

The following websites can be used to send us a link to your clip: Vimeo and You Tube. From our own experience, we can especially recommend a Vimeo link with a password.

Demo reels, trailers and music videos will not be accepted.

I. Applicant Information

II. Address

III. Your Application

IV. Film Clip and Information

VIII. Special Questions

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