Join our annual social media movement leading up to Nonprofit Awareness Day, presented by Citizens Bankduring which we will use stories, images, and stats to tell our neighbors, elected officials, and funders why #nonprofitsmakesense. This is a great way to increase your organization's visibility!

Each year, the #nonprofitsmakesense campaign engages hundreds of social media partners, generates 1,000+ tweets, 100+ Facebook posts, and 55+ Instagram posts, resulting in 3 million+ impressions. Join the #nonprofitsmakesense movement, and let your voice be heard!

The campaign will kick off in May and continue for the weeks leading up to Nonprofit Awareness Day. As a #nonprofitsmakesense partner, you will receive social media tips, tricks, and sample language to help you engage in the campaign.

Become a #nonprofitsmakesense Partner

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