PREA In Action Series: Highlights From the Field

The PREA in Action (PIA) Series provides real-world examples of innovative PREA implementation for policy makers, advisors, and practitioners. Each PIA case study focuses on a different topic, showcases facilities or systems making efforts in that area, and features an accompanying webinar. Often, profiles reflect planning efforts rather than outcomes and success, as most systems are in the early stages of preparing to comply with PREA standards; it will be some time before measurable outcomes are available. Some of the systems profiled have made real progress toward compliance with the standards; some have overcome significant hurdles in changing their approach to sexual abuse in confinement; some still face significant obstacles to making real and lasting change. However, in every case study, the planning and implementation efforts should be instructive to the field. 

The goal of the series is to share information and demonstrate innovative examples of implementation strategies, approaches to challenges, and lessons learned. The National PREA Resource Center is always searching for opportunities to identify new strategies for this series or facilities to highlight making significant efforts in a PREA implementation area.  Please join us in our efforts to continue to identify potential new strategies and use this process to submit your recommendations for review.