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CAREERS: The Next Generation
Trades (RAP) Internship Program Application
This application is to assist in gaining an internship in the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP), pre-RAP (125 hour trades work experience) or pre-apprenticeship dual credit programs.
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Click the link to print the Off-Campus Coordinator Recommendation form and provide to your Off-Campus Coordinator to complete.

Complete and prepare for upload:
One file with:
   -  Parent Consent form signed (page 2)
   -  Teacher Reference form completed (page 3)
   -  *Off-Campus Coordinator Recommendation form
          -  *Your Off-Campus Coordinator may provide this to you for upload or               they may submit directly to CAREERS.                          
One file with:
   -  Resume and Cover Letter

STEP 1:  Create your profile by completing the form below.
STEP 2:  Upload supporting documents 
STEP 3:  Click the 'Confirm Information' button to review your answers.
STEP 4:  Print the Confirmation page and give it to your Off Campus Coordinator.
STEP 5:  After reviewing your answers, click the 'Confirm' button to submit your application.
Aboriginal Information (if applicable)
Parent/Guardian Information
(9-digit number found on your report card and school ID card)
Program Information
Employers expect a student to be available to work throughout the summer or during the school year as per their employment schedule.
Which period are you available to the employer without interruptions? 
Please indicate the reason for less than (6) weeks availability in the summer and provide a comment for the selected reason.
Supporting Documents 
Please upload your signed parent consent/teacher reference. 
* If you have no means to scan your supporting documents, please submit them to your Off-Campus Coordinator.  They will give them to CAREERS.

Please upload your resume and cover letter.
Please contact your school’s Off-Campus Coordinator or the CAREERS' Field Director for additional information.
**Print the Confirmation page and give it to your Off Campus Coordinator.

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