Don't Delay Our Transit

Don't Delay our Transit!
Don't let Olympia delay or dismantle our voter approved transit!

Let legislators in the Sound Transit District know that you support transit and refuse any measures that would delay or dismantle Sound Transit 3 projects. The Washington State Legislature is considering a series of bills that can potentially delay or even dismantle voter approved projects under Sound Transit 3.


We need you to remind your legislators that 54% of the electorate in the Sound Transit District approved Sound Transit 3 to connect our communities with high-capacity transit.


Please take this urgent action today. Thank you for standing up for transit!


Please oppose ALL legislation that will delay or cancel voter-approved Sound Transit 3 projects. In 2016, 54% of voters in our region approved the Sound Transit 3 package.


Any legislative action that would delay or cancel project delivery and would impact the agency’s finances is unacceptable to the voters. Please oppose any bills that threaten the delivery of these projects.


We in the Puget Sound region voted for bold action to expand mass transit, connecting people to major employment centers, and reducing reliance on our gridlocked roads.  With Sound Transit 3, we will get a regional high capacity transit system that connects Everett, Tacoma, Lynnwood, Seattle, Redmond, Federal Way, and Bellevue. 


Please work to collaborate with our regional leaders to deliver projects sooner!  Stand up for Sound Transit’s voter approved projects and reject the delays on delivering high-capacity transit in our region. 


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