Bridging the Gap Grant Application

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Bridging the Gap Awards 2019
Basic Information

Organization Information

Please upload your most recent Form 990

Please attach your operating budget for your current fiscal year.

Please attach your budget for the most recently completed fiscal year with the actual amounts spent for each line item indicated in a separate column.

How many months of cash reserves does your organization currently have on hand?

Sources of Support
Please indicate by percentage your current annual sources of support:
Individuals Corporations Foundations In-Kind Donations Government Total   
Annual Funding Categories

Please list your top 5 funders for the current fiscal year and the amounts of support:






Hidden Fields

Organization Overview

Please describe the purpose, mission, and vision of your organization.

Please explain in detail the support you provide that helps your students get into, through  and/or prepared for the workplace upon graduation from college.
Please estimate the percentage of your students that fit the following categories:










Program Questions

Explain the social problems (symptoms and systematic causes) your program is addressing. What is the scope of the problem?

How is your organization addressing the problem?

Explain your criteria for measuring successes and failures. What data tracking tools do you use to measure the effectiveness of your program(s)?

Please describe how your organization assesses the results of any data tracking you perform and what steps you take to address any issues that are identified.

What are your goals for the next three to five years? What barriers are in your way? What differentiates you from other programs?

Please list your organization's collaborating partners.

How would you use a grant from the All Ways Up Foundation to support and/or grow your organization's work in helping low-income and first-generation youth get into and/or through college? (Please be as specific as possible.)
Use of Grant Funds

Would you like to be considered to participate in our annual matching campaign? The campaign will run through a crowd funding platform (CrowdRise) during the month of December. You will be notified no later than mid-November if you have been selected to participate in the matching campaign.

All Ways Up will determine the amount of unrestricted operating support that will be awarded. If you are  requesting support for a particular project, you will have the opportunity to request a specific amount below.

Please indicate how you will use unrestricted funds, i.e. salaries, overhead, program support, etc.

Please describe the specific project that you are requesting support for.

How will you use the funds requested?

Organization Numbers

How many students does your program serve on an annual basis?

How many high school seniors are currently participating in your program?

How many seniors in your program are male?

How many seniors in your program are female?

Please estimate the number of high school seniors in your program who are applying to enter 4-year colleges in  the fall of 2020.

Please only include students that attended in 2019.
Board and Staff

Please upload a list and bios of your Board of Directors and Administrative Staff.

Please indicate the number of full-time and part-time employees in your organization.

Please indicate the number of volunteers who supported your organization during your most recently completed fiscal year.
Program Video

Please upload a URL to a program video. If you don't already have a video, instructions for uploading a video to YouTube can be found here.