Peninsula Bridge Summer Teaching Assistant Application June 22 - July 24, 2020

Peninsula Bridge Summer Teaching Assistant (TA) Job Description

Do you enjoy working with kids? Are you interested in education and mentoring programs? Do you want to make a direct impact on the lives of young people? Would you like to create and teach your own elective on a topic of your choice?

As you begin to think about possible summer opportunities, please consider joining the Peninsula Bridge community. Peninsula Bridge transforms the lives of highly motivated, low-income students by preparing and supporting them for success in college preparatory high school programs and four-year colleges. We are looking for motivated and committed high school and college-aged students to be Teaching Assistants for this five-week program.

Who Can Apply to be A Teaching Assistant? (TA)

TA positions are open to rising sophomores, juniors, seniors and above, and they are not limited to students or alumni.

When Are TA Applications Due?

Applications are due by Friday, February 14th, 2020, although early submissions are welcome. Decisions will be made on March 2nd. 

What Are Teaching Assistant’s Roles And Responsibilities?

You’ll assist in teaching the classes and so much more! During the summer, it will be your responsibility to:

- Be an active, positive role model for the students in the program
- Be an advisor of a small group of students
- You may design and implement your own afternoon elective
- Have a flexible and adaptable mindset
- Support the students and the Site Director with daily administrative and logistical support
- Have a “Can Do” attitude

Is This A Volunteer Position?

Yes. TAs work as volunteers and may qualify for the Presidential Service Award, an incredible distinction in appreciation of their service.

What are the Requirements and Expectations for TA Participation This Spring and Summer

- You must be available every weekday from June 22 - July 24 from 8:15 AM- 3:30 PM (Unless discussed otherwise. Times vary by site. No program July 3)
- You must be available to attend all Peninsula Bridge functions (dates and times vary by site).
- TA Training: June 19th, 10-12am (location TBA)
- You must attend all training, orientation, or class days by site.

What Makes Peninsula Bridge’s Summer Program Unique?

- Peninsula Bridge students are taught by a faculty composed of Master Teachers and high school/college aged Teaching Assistants. With support from professional educators, Peninsula Bridge’s TAs’ are responsible for lesson planning, teaching, advising, and program administration.

- Peninsula Bridge aims to change the conversation about education by demonstrating that all students deserve access to academic opportunities and that high school and college students can be great role models by taking responsibility for the education of others.

- Peninsula Bridge is a five-week full-time, academic-based program. High school and college students handle much of the programming with Master Teacher and Site Director supervision.

- Peninsula Bridge builds a strong network of friends and mentors who are committed to the program’s mission and our summer community.

Why IS This An Incredibly Rewarding And Challenging Experience

Please be assured that six weeks you spend as TA will be incredibly rewarding and inspiring. It is important that you also know that it will require a great amount of energy and commitment. You will work long days and on occasion, some nights preparing for the next day’s classes and activities. You will go home exhausted on many days but with a smile on your face. You will create a new sense of pride built on Peninsula Bridge’s spirit of collaboration and teamwork.


We are excited about your interest in the 2019 Peninsula Bridge summer program! We look forward to reading your application and learning more about you as a potential Teaching Assistant.


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