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Thank you for your interest in Peirce College. At this time Peirce is not authorized to offer online instruction to students residing in Arkansas, Oregon or Wisconsin and cannot accept applicants from these states.
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Note: If you or someone that you are directly related to (parent/child, or spouse) works for one of the below organizations, you may be eligible for a discount. Note: there is a verification process required to receive the discount.



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Graduates of Peirce College Bachelor's programs do not need to submit an official transcript. Instead, please submit the following information. 

Please enter the degree that you received or intend to receive from Peirce College. i.e. Business Administration.

A Grad Scholar is defined as: Students who are enrolled in the first two graduate courses in the Master of Science program while enrolled as an undergraduate student at Peirce College.

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If you received your bachelor's degree from another institution, you must have that institution submit your official transcript directly to Peirce College.

i.e. Psychology, Sociology, History, etc.