Junior Tankist

Welcome to Parade Junior Tankist Dept. 

Spacial all Junior Tankistim get to choose the tank they go on! 

Get ready for a day of amazing Mivtzoim on a Mitzvah Tank Parade in honor of the rebbe's birth day! 

Now you can choose the tank and have your friends and relatives pick the same tank. 

Here is how it works, you can look at the list below to find what tanks are available, make up with your friends & family which tank you want to go on, you all go sign up for that tank (must be done same day) 

Once you sign up you will receive a confirmation email (you will have 24 hours to tell your friends and family to sign up for that tank #) 

After 24 hours you will get another email from the office saying that your spot on that tank is confirmed (and the spot will become unavailable for anyone else) if a tank has more then 5 Junior Tankistim sign up we will contact you to pick another tank 

Working as a team together we will we be able to reach the ultimate Hatzlacha. 
We are sure that it will goirem much nachas to the Rebbe 

May we be zoiche to see the Rebbe being מעודד the Tanks at the Parade!
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