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Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust
Guidance Notes
This application form is for grants between £5,001-£10,000.
Where a character length is specified, this includes spaces.
IMPORTANT: If your organisation does not have a Registered Charity Number, please contact the Trust.

This form allows you to save and return. However, we strongly recommend you prepare and save your answers in a separate word document, copying and pasting them into the web form when you are ready to submit.

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IMPORTANT: If your organisation does not have a Registered Charity Number, please contact the Trust before submitting your application to be allocated a reference number.

Contact Details

Organisation Details

To select multiple options, hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) key and click each county.

To select multiple options, hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) key and click each country.

Bank Details
In the event that your application is successful, please provide details of the account you wish any potential grant to be paid into:

This bank statement must be for the same account as detailed above, or any potential payment cannot be processed.
Project Details

'£' sign or comma not required - please enter numbers only.

Please state in brief terms the item(s) for which funding is required, for example "We are seeking £2,000 to purchase new outdoor play equipment".

Budget should show: - captial project costs (if applicable), - operational project costs (if applicable), - other secured funders (name and amount), - other requested funders (name and amount), - what EKCT is being asked to fund and over what period, - any shortfall and how this is proposed to be met.

Financial Information

For last financial year:
Please answer the following questions as numbers only.

These costs are associated with governance arrangements of the charity. These would relate to the general running of the charity as opposed to those costs associated with fundraising or charitable activity. The costs would normally include internal and external audit, legal advice for trustees and costs associated with constitutional and statutory requirements e.g. cost of trustee meetings and preparing statutory accounts. Also included in this category are costs associated with the strategic as opposed to day to day management of the charities activities.

These costs are those costs that, whilst necessary to deliver an activity, do not themselves produce or constitute the output of the charitable activity.  Support costs will also be incurred in support of income generation such as fundraising and in support of the governance of the charity.  These costs would normally included the central or regional office functions such as general management, payroll administration, budgeting and accounting, information technology, human resources and financial.

Other Information

On receipt of your application you will be sent a confirmation email saying: 
“Your application has been received and will now be considered”. 

If you do not receive a confirmation email please contact the EKCT Director using the contact details on the website.