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We hope you find this form straightforward to complete. If you have any problems with completing it, please contact us on 020 7632 9060.  There is a help link in the bottom left hand corner of this page which will take you to our email address.

  • Before sending your enquiry, please watch our animation, which will give you a good idea of the way Barrow Cadbury Trust works and what we are interested in supporting.
  • We also advise that you read the funding criteria for our different programmes to find out about the type of projects and initiatives we wish to fund.  You can also ring us for advice on 020 7632 9060.
  • This form is short, but if you want to see all the questions before you start, you can navigate through the pages using the page number links at the top of the form.
  • You can either type directly into the form or, if you prefer, you can cut and paste from another application such as Word.  
  • You are strongly advised to save your form by using the hyperlinks at the top of the form. You will be asked for a password and, once you've saved the form, you will be sent an email with a link to it.  We do not have access to your password, but if you forget what it is, you can reset it yourself via the link you are given, or contact us to send you a new one.    
  • Many of the fields in the form are compulsory. These are marked with a red asterisk. If you do not complete compulsory fields, you will not be able to submit your application.
  • We are usually able to respond to this initial enquiry form within 10 working days
  • However, if following submission of your enquiry you are invited to make a full application, the assessment and decision process may take up to four months.  Please bear this in mind when planning your start date. 
Please note that by submitting this form you agree to the Barrow Cadbury Trust holding the personal details you provide. If you do not wish your details to be held, you should not submit an application to the Trust.
Page 2 - Are you eligible to apply?
Please read our programme guidance before completing this section of the form.  We have very specific criteria, and will not consider projects that fall outside them. In addition, we usually only fund work that complements other projects in our portfolio, rather than funding several projects doing similar things.  You can find out what we are currently funding by checking the grants list in the “What We Do” section of our website, and ring us if you think your project might fit one of our priorities but are not sure.
This form is not intended for enquiries about social investment.  If you wish to apply for social investment support, please read the guidance about the type of work we support and then send us an email with brief details of your project and the type of support you are seeking. If you are interested in the Connect Fund, please refer to the further information here.

Our Economic Justice and Criminal Justice programmes are currently closed to new applicants. Please an eye on our website for details and sign up to our e-news if you would like to be kept in touch when the programme re-opens.

Page 3  - Applicant and organisation details

Applicant details 

This should be the name that is on your governing document

Project budget

Please use numbers only - no £ or decimal points.

Please use numbers only - no £ or decimal points.

Page 4 - Project details

Project description

We aim to respond to your enquiry within two weeks. It usually takes us between one and three months to make a decision once we have received a full application. Larger projects usually take longer to assess. Please take this into account and be realistic about your planned start date.

Explain what you want to do and how you plan to do it. Tell us about why the project is needed, and who will be involved in it.
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When you click on "Submit, below, you will see a copy of your form to check.  At the end you'll find a "Confirm" button which will   submit the form to us.