The Pet Hospitals



The Pet Hospitals maintains a Tennessee Drug Free Workplace
All potential employees will be drug tested prior to employment and also be subject to random drug tests as directed if hired.  Also done prior to employment we will conduct a criminal background check. When you select the box below you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the above information. 
At-will employment
You are an at-will employee, and nothing in our employee manual or policies shall constitute a contract guaranteeing employment or compensation for any specific period of time. 

As an at-will employee, you or The Pet Hospitals can terminate your employment at any time with or without cause, reason, and/or notice.  Nothing contained in our employee handbook, employee manual, policy manual, guidelines, etc, or any workplace policy or rule of The Pet Hospitals and no verbal statements or promises made by employees or agents of The Pet Hospitals shall alter the at-will employment relationship between you and The Pet Hospitals or restrict the option of you or The Pet Hospitals to terminate the employment relationship.  
Other Agreements Restricted 
Furthermore, no manager, supervisor, or other organization representative or agent, including any representative or agent with hiring authority, other than the President and Vice-President, has the authority to enter into any agreement or contract for employment for any specified duration or to make any agreement, promise, guarantee or commitment that contradicts the above. 

Any agreement that contradicts your at-will status must be entered into by the President and Vice-President and will not be enforceable unless it is in writing and signed by you and by the President and the Vice-President.  The agreement must specifically state that the at-will relationship between you and The Pet Hospitals has changed and a new standard is to be applied. 

If you have questions, suggestions or concerns about this notice, you should direct them to the owner of The Pet Hospitals.