Discussion: Discovering Development Module 3 Page 8 (3/7)

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This assignment references the following documents:

1. Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines Birth through 3rd Grade (2012)
2. Handout 1: The Curriculum Cycle

  1. Use the Early Learning and Development Guidelines to discuss whether each child is within the typical developmental continuum, in the scenarios below.
  2. Use the Guidelines book to help identify differences in development between children of similar ages.

This activity allows you to participate in step 2 of cycle of curriculum that was introduced in Handout 1.

*** Select one Scenario to respond to **
Scenario 1: 18 Month Old

Scenario on Development

An 18-month-old child is consistently crawling and pulling up on furniture. Child has not taken any steps independently but can take steps when holding on to an adult’s hands. Child is able to cruise around the edges of furniture independently.

Scenario 2: 3 Year Old

Scenario on Development

A 3-year-old child is able to read simple sight words in book including ‘mom,’ ‘dad,’ ‘car’, ‘cat’ and ‘dog.’

Scenario 3: 4 1/2 Year Old

Scenario on Development

A 4½-year-old holds a book upside down when asked to “read” a book; can identify objects in the pictures when asked, but is not able to retell the story when prompted.

Scenario 4: 14 Month Old

Scenario on Development

A 14-month-old is walking unsteadily on his own.