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Note:  The average cost per household to operate the synagogue is $2,800 annually. We do not want financial hardship to be a reason people cannot be TBE members. We greatly appreciate the generosity of those who can commit more per year so that everyone who wants to be a member can be a member. No matter what your annual financial gift is, we thank you!
Partners:  Any amount up to $2,899 (average annual cost per household is $2,800)

Builders:  $2,900 - $4,699
Master Builders:  $4700 - $6488
Supporters:  $6,500 - $13,999
Matriarchs & Patriarchs:  $14,000 - $22,999
Guardians:  $23,000+

Other 2017-18 Commitments:

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If you have any questions about Sacred Gifts or membership benefits, please contact our  Director of Member Services (Candace Naliboff) or our Executive Director (Laura Bernstein) at 704-366-1948.


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