Leadership New York 2019-2020 Program Application

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Thank you for your interest in Leadership New York! We look forward to learning about you. 

To successfully apply for this program, you must complete the following tasks by midnight on Monday, June 17th:

1. Fill out this form completely, including uploading a resume with work, education and civic affiliation experience.

2. Provide one recommendation letter supporting your candidacy.  Recommendation letters can be uploaded in the application in the box below, or sent to Gia Vera, Recruitment Manager by email to: gia@coro.nyc or by mail to: 42 Broadway, Suite 2001, New York City, New York 10004. If your organization is an official sponsor, speak with Gia before sending in a recommendation letter. 

Due to the competitive nature of the program, any applications missing any of the components by the deadline are not considered.

Questions? call Gia at 212.248.2935

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Demographic Information

It is important to Coro that we are successful in our efforts to reach out to a diverse constituency.  We appreciate you providing us with the following optional information to help gauge the success of these efforts.

Employer Endorsement

Because the Leadership New York program requires significant time away from your workplace, we encourage you to discuss the requirements and time commitment with your supervisor before you begin the application process.  

Tell us about yourself

Resume: Employment, Education and Affiliations
Letter of Recommendation
Tuition & Scholarship

Tuition for the program is $6,000 for approximately 175 hours of leadership development training, individual and small group coaching, lodging and meals at the 3-day Opening Retreat, catering on retreat days and access to Coro alumni and cross-program events.

Participants are encouraged to seek their employer’s or another sponsor’s support.  Scholarships are available, with special consideration for applicants paying out of pocket and with highest need relative to the request pool.  We are committed to building cohorts that reflect the demographics of New York City and in strengthening traditionally underrepresented groups in leadership roles. 

Payment in-full, or an agreement with Coro on a specific payment plan is required before the program begins (the acceptance letter will include any scholarship and payment plan options).  For all participants, the first payment is due on Monday, September 8th, 2019 and 100% of the tuition must be paid in full by Monday, February 10th, 2020. 

Do not let financial concerns prevent you from applying.  Our goal is to build a cohort of diverse perspectives and will work with you.  Contact Gia if you have questions.

If you checked that you are requesting scholarship assistance, please complete the section below.  We use the honor system for your financial information and do not request paper tax documentation - please be 100% accurate in your responses.  Our scholarship awards are based on demonstrated need, and any information that you provide will be used for that purpose only and will be kept in confidentiality.  Full scholarships are not offered.

Statement of Commitment
Final Review

You will have an opportunity for a final review of your responses before submitting.