Feline Services is the hub of Cat Protection: caring for the cats in our shelter and making their stay with us as happy, healthy and stress-free as possible. 


The cats and staff greatly appreciate the time that volunteers give to help out. It is only with your assistance that we can keep things running smoothly and care for as many cats as possible.


Cats in a multi-cat environment are prone to stress which can compromise their immune systems, and shelter cats typically have experienced some degree of trauma prior to arrival. Simply moving is stressful for cats, but many of our charges are also missing people they loved, have come to us neglected, or even as victims of cruelty. In this context, infection control is of paramount importance to the health of our cats. For this reason, volunteers need to follow strict infection control protocols (as staff do) which requires an investment on our part in training and supervision. 


Volunteering in Feline Services therefore requires a commitment of at least one three-hour shift per fortnight for a minimum period of six months. If realistically you are unable to make this commitment, it is better to reconsider volunteering until your schedule permits. Volunteer shifts are available seven days a week: morning shifts are from 10am to 1pm; afternoon shifts are from 1pm to 4pm.


As we have a fairly small site, we can only roster on a certain number of volunteers per shift and as volunteering with feline services is popular, we may have a waiting list for vacancies. We will acknowledge your application but may not be able to consider it for several months, depending on availability of shifts in the roster.


We are a COVID-safe business. We ask that all staff, volunteers, and visitors agree to our Conditions of Entry and Maintain COVID-safety at Cat Protection.


For legal reasons, all volunteers will be asked to complete a contact details form including names and numbers of people to contact in an emergency. These records are kept securely in accordance with our privacy policy. We also require volunteers to sign our volunteer register at the start and end of each shift.


Feline Services volunteers assist with ensuring the health and wellbeing of cats and kittens in our care. Duties include: 

·         Cleaning and disinfecting litter trays, bowls, carriers 

·         Laundry 

·         Socialisation (playing with, patting) and grooming of cats and kittens 

·         As requested, assisting feline services staff with other aspects of cat care, appropriate to the volunteer’s skills and experience.  


We ask that volunteers perform cleaning duties before socialising the cats and kittens. 

At no time are volunteers to give advice to clients or to answer telephones or provide cat care other than as directed. Our staff are trained and qualified to do their work within professional and organisational policies and guidelines. Incorrect practices or advice could cause problems for cats, their owners, and legal problems for Cat Protection. 


Volunteering is a serious and important occupation, but it is also a very rewarding way to spend your time. Committed, regular volunteers are a wonderful help to us and a great comfort to the cats who stay here while waiting for their new homes. If, after reading this, you feel that you have the time and commitment to volunteer then please complete the form below. If you have any questions, please telephone our Welfare Office on 02 9519 7201. 

Volunteer Details

Corporate Volunteering 
Volunteering Shifts
AM shifts are from 10am till 1pm 
PM shifts are from 1pm till 4pm

Please note we are only accepting applications for the listed days.

Please note due to our current COVID-safe procedures volunteers shifts are 2 x per month

  • All details will be kept strictly confidential 
  • Please contact our Administration and Volunteer Coordinator if you wish to discuss any details 
  • Volunteers must be over the age of 16 years 
  • Cat Protection advises that our cattery unfortunately does not have wheelchair access
Your name will be added to our waiting list and we'll be in touch when an appropriate vacancy becomes available.
Thank you for your interest in Cat Protection