Parent Gauge™ Order Form

General Information
Please use this form to purchase a one year subscription to Parent Gauge. The subscription year runs from July 1 to June 30, and includes access to Parent Gauge™, technical assistance, and training, provided by NHSA for licensed users. 

Subscription includes:
  • One Program Administrator Account
  • One Center Administrator per center
  • Webinar-based trainings on usage and best practice
  • User guide and documentation
  • Technical Assistance
Please visit the Parent Gauge™ FAQ for additional information or contact us at
Financial/Administrative Contact Information

This individual responsible for accepting the terms and conditions, and submitting order request. 

Please enter the organization name as submitted to Office of Head Start. Do not use acronyms


Membership will be verified before invoice is sent.

Taxes may apply.
System Administration Contact Information

This individual will be assigned the Program Administrator role and permissions, and will be responsible for creating accounts for Center Administrators who can then create accounts for all staff. Please note: This contact can be provided at a later date as well. 


Order Details

NHSA encourages you to interview 100% of families but you may, at your discretion, choose to interview a smaller sample of families

The fee per family is $3.00



Terms and Conditions
Please review the Terms and Conditions for the purchase and use of the Parent Gauge™ software.  

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