2018 Registration of Interest

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Kindly read through the following information carefully to ensure that you fully understand the Fellowship. Once you have done so, check each box before proceeding to the next page.
  • Filipino citizen or Philippine passport holder
  • Bachelor's Degree before Induction to the Fellowship
  • Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale

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Include Area Code and 7-digit Number


If school is not on the list, pick Other and use the field below to identify your college / university

As it appears on transcript of records


If school is not on the list, pick Other and use the field below to identify your college / university

As it appears on transcript of records

Assume 4.00 GPA is the Maximum. Round to 2 Decimal Places
You may use this GPA Calculator to assist you in computing your current grade standing/cumulative GPA. Teach for the Philippines is in no way affiliated with the website and only provides this link as courtesy to you.

  1. Choose the grading system that applies to your school from the next drop-down (Select "Most Common Tertiary" for schools where a 1.0 is the highest possible GPA, and choose "De La Salle University" for schools that use a 4.0 grading system).
  2. Enter your Course Name, Units (Credits or hours) and Grade to calculate. Please enter all the academic courses you have taken that count towards your final GPA and submit the total in the field above.
  3. Note that the calculator will convert your grades into their corresponding GPA out of 4.0
Tell us about your current or most recent work experience.

Leave as blank if still employed
Tell us about your experience in any academic, non-academic, or volunteer organization that you are most involved in.

In lieu of an attachment, use this space to write your letter of intent by answering the questions below.

We want to hear your story and get a better sense of who you are. Tell us why you want to lead change in the country, how you plan to do that in the long-term, what personal experiences have inspired you the most, and what you specifically hope to gain from the Fellowship Program. 
1. What made you interested about Teach for the Philippines' Fellowship? What experiences, skills, and/or prior knowledge have informed your decision to register your interest for the Fellowship?
1000 Character Limit
2. What do you hope to gain from the Fellowship? What can Teach for the Philippines do for you?
1000 Character Limit
3. What do you hope to accomplish as a Teacher Fellow? What role do you see yourself playing in achieving excellent and relevant education for all Filipino children?
1000 Character Limit

Must be a PDF File

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