Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship                                                                                                                                                                                       
Apply for the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship 2020

The Shuford Program is open to all students, regardless of their major.  We are the only Entrepreneurship Program in the country housed in the College of Arts and Sciences. We wish to attract students who are committed to the goals of our program: growing innovation and entrepreneurship at Carolina and around the world.  We hope that through the application process we can gain a better understanding of why you are interested in learning more about the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and the unique abilities you will contribute to our entrepreneurial community. We are committed to having an academic program with members from a diversity of majors, a diversity of race and gender, and a diversity of on- and off-campus activities. Will you come join our diverse group?

Application requirements:
  1. be enrolled in or have completed ECON 125
  2. your Resume
  3. an Essay

The Entrepreneurship Minor requires the completion of the following over a minimum three semesters-
  • Five coursesECON 101 or 111 (grade C or better), 125, 325, one track course (ECON 327 or equivalent), and 393
  • One Internship
If you have questions, email Connor Winkler or call 919-843-8824 during business hours. 
You must currently be a student at UNC-Chapel Hill or have been accepted to UNC-Chapel Hill before you may be accepted into the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship.

Note: Undergraduate Business Majors should be formally admitted to the Program before declaring through the Undergraduate Business Program. Instructions on how to declare a minor can be found on the Undergraduate Business Program's intranet.

Application Items:

Attach your resume. Please include relevant Experience (Professional, Social, Leadership, etc.) as well as Academic Accomplishments (GPA, Scholarships, Awards, etc.).


In 300 words, tell us why you want to a part of the Shuford Program and how it will help you to achieve your goals. Please provide any examples that would help us better understand your abilities, goals, and/or your commitment to diversity as defined above. 

Additional attachments are welcome including, but not limited to websites, articles, and videos. Be creative!

Once you hit submit, the application will be completely submitted. Please check over your entries before continuing.

You will not be able to save this form. Record answers elsewhere if you wish to return later to complete the form.

If you have questions, email Connor Winkler or call 919-843-8824 during business hours.