FYE 2018 Existing Shuttle/Feeder Bus Projects

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                                                                                                                    TFCA REGIONAL FUND PROGRAM


FYE 2018

Application packages must be submitted to the Air District BOTH electronically (online) and as a hard copy (one copy). Grant applications will be accepted through Monday, September 11, 2017 (by 4 PM). Only complete applications will be evaluated. Please refer to the Shuttle and Ridesharing program website for complete program eligibility requirements and instructions. 

NOTE:  This application will work best using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

May be modified by the Air District.

All official documents regarding this grant will be sent to the legal address unless a mailing address is provided.


This person serves as the point of contact for day-to-day communications.

This person is authorized to sign the application and execute grant funding agreements.

Include key interim milestone dates. All projects must commence in calendar year 2016.

Description Date


If the project includes more than one shuttle route, this section must be completed for each distinct route. To add another route, click on "add another route" on the bottom right-hand corner of this section.  



Provide a project budget below, broken out by operation and administrative costs (for TFCA Regional Funds) and operation costs only (for Matching Funds). Any other costs should be excluded from the project budget. If match funding is derived from more than a single source, specify each funding  source and the amount of match funds on a separate line. 

TFCA Regional Funds Line Item Estimated Cost ($) Source


Matching Funds Line Item Estimated Cost ($) Source

† Matching Funds: If any TFCA County Program Manager funds are used as a match, these must be listed. Project sponsors must provide a minimum of 10% matching funds from non-TFCA sources. TFCA County Program Manager funds may NOT be used towards fulfilling this requirement.  


  1. Provide the following information for the proposed project:

i.e., rail or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station, ferry or bus terminal, or airport
i.e., office complexes and commercial establishments


If you are uploading more than one file here, please put files in a zip folder and upload.
If you are uploading more than one file here, please put files in a zip folder and upload.
NOTE: the Project scope must include peak-hour operations only, as defined by Policy #28.f. Highlight the sections of the schedule to be included in the scope of the Project. 

  1. Highly Impacted Community Area

If “yes”, using this map or this online map, indicate the percentage of time each route project will operate in a Highly Impacted Community area.  Use the “zoom in” tool to enlarge the map to identify boundaries.  

                                            Zone #                 Percent Operation

  1. Priority Development Area

If “yes”, using the map,  indicate in the table below the percentage of time the project will operate in a “Planned” or “Potential” Priority Development Area. Use the “zoom in” tool to enlarge the map to best identify boundaries and PDA codes. 

Name of Location or Code Percent Operation PDA Type


  1. Vehicle Trips to Be Reduced by a Project: The data provided below will be used to calculate the number of vehicle trips that would be reduced as a result of the proposed project.  

If you are uploading more than one file here, please put files in a zip folder and upload.
If you are uploading more than one file here, please put files in a zip folder and upload.
‡ If data for multiple-route projects is included in one Excel workbook, upload the workbook only once.

2. New Vehicle Trips (e.g., trips to access transit station, Park & Ride Lot):  The data provided below will be used to calculate the number of new vehicle trips that are generated as a result of the service. 

Vehicle Information

Fill out the following information for each vehicle that will be used for the route.

For each vehicle, UPLOAD:

If you are uploading more than one file here, please put files in a zip folder and upload.
If you are uploading more than one file here, please put files in a zip folder and upload.
If you are uploading more than one file here, please put files in a zip folder and upload.
Can be found on the Executive Order for the engine.
Includes shuttle service miles only.
Includes shuttle service miles as well as dead head miles (miles to get to first shuttle stop, return shuttle vehicle to parking location at the end of the day, and non-passenger miles between service hours).



Ensure that the following attachments are included with the application by checking off the following list on the one printed copy of this application: 

All shuttle/feeder bus projects:
 Documentation for all matching funds that will be applied to the project.
 A signed Letter of Commitment or Resolution authorizing the submittal of the application identifying the individual authorized to submit and carry out the proposal. 
 A map and schedule for each service route.
 Data showing ridership for the past three (3) years.
 Printed raw survey data (exported from an Excel spreadsheet).
 Document showing methodology for all calculations used, including assumptions and equations.
 Documents for each vehicle that will be providing service including 
 1) A copy of the vehicle’s current Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) registration, 
 A letter of concurrence from the transit district or transit agency that provides service in the area of the proposed route, certifying that the service does not conflict with existing service. (see Policy #28.i in Appendix A of the Program Guidance).

By signing below, I certify that:

I understand that this application is for evaluation purposes only and does not guarantee project funding.     

The proposed project and the emission reductions that would be realized from it are not required by any federal, state or local regulation, judicial order, agreement, memorandum of understanding, contract, mitigation requirement, or other binding obligation that requires the project applicant to implement any portion of the project.

All matching funds have been disclosed and that this application is for service, equipment/ vehicle(s)/ engine(s) that neither have been already been funded, nor are currently under consideration for funding by another air district, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) or by another public agency. 

To the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this application and in any documentation accompanying this application or submitted in furtherance of this application is true and accurate and I understand that any misstatements or omissions of material facts may disqualify this grant application and any monies awarded based on it.

To the best of my knowledge, that the Project complies with all vehicular and service requirements for fixed route systems, demand responsive systems, or other designated public transportation that are prescribed in (Titles II and III of) the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.) and its accompanying regulations and are applicable to the Project. 

I understand and agree that no costs funded by this program can be incurred until after the notice of award and after a funding agreement is executed between the project sponsor (grantee) and the Air District.

The applicant entity I represent is in compliance and will remain in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local air quality rules and regulations.   

I have the legal authority to apply for funding on behalf of the applicant entity and that I am authorized to sign this application on behalf of applicant.

Signed: _________________________________________________   Date: __________________

(Authorized Representative of Applicant)

Print Name:______________________________________________

By pressing the SUBMIT button on the next page, you will be able to (1) review a draft version of your application, and (2) print one copy of your application to submit to the Air District.

Reminder: To complete the application process, you must submit one signed hard copy of the application along with any required supporting documentation to:

Chengfeng Wang
Bay Area Air Quality Management District
375 Beale Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94105
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