Prospective members should follow the instructions provided below for becoming a member.

  1. Complete and fill in the details for each applicant from the same company. More than one form can be used.  
  2. Complete the corporate membership section if your company must be billed for participation costs and membership.      3. Only one person should commit to represent the company.  
  4. There is no charge for practitioners working for paid up corporate members, who pay R5000 per annum.
  5. Practitioner Members not working for a corporate member pay an annual membership fee of R1500, to enjoy similar privileges to corporate members, but cannot vote.
For questions, please contact or phone 011 061 5000
Personal Information

Corporate Member Information

Terms and Conditions

Personal membership is at no charge provided that the member completes this application form and also completes the KMSA personal profile form.   

To charge your participation costs to your company, the company needs to join as a member. If your company does not renew its membership at a later stage, you can continue your membership but will need to pay your own participation fees and you participate in your private capacity in meetings and events.  
All members are bound by the constitution of the association and by rulings of the board and membership meetings of the association.   

By joining the association, you provide your permission for the association to hold your personal contact information and to use the information to communicate with yourself.  
At any meeting of members only one representative of paid up corporate members will be able to vote, if voting takes place. 

Member Benefits:

Membership of the Society
Provides Knowledge Management
Practitioners Access to Industry
Resources and Networks  

Annual Conference
Special Interest Groups
Best Practices
By submitting this form we confirm our wish to be members of KMSA