5778 /2017 CBI High Holy Day Forms 

Below please find forms for 5778/2017 High Holy Days.  Please choose those sections that apply to you.  All forms are due by September 8, 2017.
Contact Information

5778 High Holy Day Appeal

Your contribution enables Congregation Beth Israel to sustain a healthy and vibrant community!

A gift in any amount will go into the general operating fund to assist with operating costs. Yearly costs for keeping the doors open exceeds the average annual commitment amount paid per family. This annual fundraiser allows us to bring in additional income to allow us to continue to provide assistance to those families who are unable to give at a higher level.  If each and every family were to give at least $18 to this HHD annual appeal, we would exceed our fundraising goals for this season.

Book of Remembrance
As the High Holy Days approach, it is time for us to prepare the Book of Remembrance for 5778/2017. This book, distributed at the Yom Kippur Yizkor Service, is a symbol of our love and respect for those whose memories we cherish. Remembering a loved one in this manner on Yom Kippur is a tribute to their memory and the values by which they lived. 

The tzedakah proceeds from the Book of Remembrance helps Congregation Beth Israel offset High Holy Day expenses. We suggest a donation of $18 per name included.

Child Care Options
You must register for child care.  Registration deadline: September 8
Babysitting is $25 per service per child. Yom Kippur All Day is $75.

* Children ages 3 months to seven years. 
* Children may be dropped off 15 minutes before services and must be picked up immediately following 
* Only snack and juice will be provided. Please bring all of the items that your child will need for the day.

Additional information for Yom Kippur 
* Children do not fast, so be sure to pack sufficient food for the entire length of stay. 
* Children registered ONLY for Yom Kippur Morning MAY NOT be left in childcare during any other service. 
*  If you are coming back for the evening service and want your child in childcare for that, you will need to pay for Yom Kippur all day. 

Babysitting is $25 for the Evening and Morning Service per child. The Family Service  is $18. Yom Kippur All Day is $75

A long-standing Brotherhood tradition is the mitzvah of coordinating ushers for High Holy Day services. Please share the gift of your time. You do not need to be a Brotherhood member to usher. Plus, ushering is a great way to meet fellow congregants. 

Save the Date:  Brotherhood will build the Sukkah on Sunday, October 1 at 9:30am.

For more information, contact Rob Rosner at rbrosner@gmail.com.

Every year, Sisterhood provides the Break the Fast at the end of Yom Kippur following evening services for the Congregation Beth Israel Community.  

Save the date: this year, Sisterhood will be making kugel on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lulav and Etrog sets are $55 each and are delivered the week of Sukkot

Additional Donations
These funds are some additional ways to support CBI.  

Total Amount of Donations Made
Thank you so very much for the donations that you have made to Congregation Beth Israel.   After you hit submit on the form, you will have the option to pay through PayPal.  

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