South Broad Business Initiative Application

General Business Information

i.e., Jane Smith: Primary founder and 51% legal owner. Mark Smith: Co-founder. Joy Smith: 49% legal owner.

Team Members
Please tell us who from your company/organization will be participating in the program. You'll be the primary point of contact so please enter your information first. Then you can add as many team members as you want up to 5 (but be sure to only include those who will actually be involved in your interaction with Propeller, not everyone who works for you). 

Please note the questions below are for your personal information, not your business. 

Their First Name Their Last Name Their Email Address
Additional Team Member
Application Narrative




How much of their own money did all of the founders put into the business during the following time periods:
Amount in Dollars
Past 12 months
Since Founding

How much did your business borrow during the following time periods:
Amount in Dollars
Past 12 months
Since Founding

How many employees currently work for your business, not including yourself?
Number of Employees
Full Time
Part Time
Independent Contractors

Services and Assistance

The South Broad Business Initiative is able to provide technical support in a variety of areas. Please select between one and three priority areas of technical support for your business. For each of your selected priorities, please briefly explain your current practices (for example, if you selected "online and web development," please describe your current web presence), and how you would like to improve or build on them. 

Community Impact

The South Broad Business Initiative is a 5-month program offering business owners of color located in South Broad Commercial Corridor with comprehensive strategic planning and technical assistance. In order to gain the full benefits of this program, you will need to commit to:
  1. A 5-month program.
  2. Meetings with a business mentor 2-4 times per month.
  3. Completing action items in advance of the meetings.
  4. Providing financial and satisfaction data in the form of survey responses about your business for the duration of the program.
  5. Working 10-15 hours/week on action items directly related to growing your business.