Allied Membership Agreement

Allied Member

NJJN Allies agree to the following terms of membership: 


1.    I embrace and promote the nine principles of NJJN:

·         Divert youth from the justice system.

·         Reduce institutionalization.

·         Eliminate racial and ethnic disparities.

·         Ensure access to quality counsel.

·         Create a range of effective community-based programs.

·         Recognize and serve youth with special needs.

·         Improve aftercare and reentry.

·         Engage youth, family and community.

·         Keep youth out of adult courts, jails and prisons.


2.    I agree to undertake the responsibilities of membership, including:

·         Support NJJN by sharing our own information and expertise.

·         Support NJJN’s policy positions and calls to action when possible.


3.    I acknowledge the privileges of membership in NJJN:

·         In-person meetings by invitation

·         Webinars

·         Conference calls

·         Public education materials

·         Newsletter     

To become an Ally of NJJN, you must pay annual dues of $25 to affirm your commitment to helping NJJN fight for a smaller, fairer youth justice system. Please make your payment online after completing this form or mail in a check payable to the National Juvenile Justice Network. Thank you for taking a stand for our children!

National Juvenile Justice Network
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