TBS Annual Shofar Appeal 2017

Growing through Giving


During our 2017 Shofar Appeal, please consider making Temple Beth Shalom your charity of choice, helping us to meet this year's Appeal goal of $250,000

Any size gift is welcome and gratefully appreciated. All gifts are tax deductible and will be recognized in a future edition of the Scroll.

Every gift of $1,800 will be recognized by a naming opportunity of one of 100 sanctuary chairs. We will contact you for your dedication to honor your cherished family, mentors, and lifecycle events in our sacred space.

Some ways your gift will make a difference:

$36,000 will help support:

- Music for our Shabbat Services

- Learning and programming for a class of b'nei mitzvah students

- Preschool and pre-K scholarships

$18,000 will help support:

- A year of retreat weekends for our teens

- Specialist Torah repair, reconditioning and scribing

- Care and upkeep of our Sanctuary, Beit Midrash, and Community Court for a year

- A year of new and improved phone systems and web hosting

$5,400 will help support:

- Temple membership for a year for a family in need of financial support

- A year of Shabbat oneg for our children's services

$1,800 will help support:

- Scholarship for a child studying to become Bar/Bat Mitzvah

- A speaker to come to TBS for an evening

- Scholarship for children in our Mayim K-5 classes

- Spring refreshing of our outdoor landscaping

- Provision of a funeral for a family in need

$500 will help support:

- Financial assistance to help send a child to Jewish summer camp

- Financial assistance to help send a TBS teen to Israel

- Challah baking for preschoolers

- Scholarship for a new mom to attend parenting class

- Family Shabbat dinner for an elementary school class

- Workshop for our faculty

L'dor v'dor - from strength to strength

L’shanah Tova. 


David Grebber and Jeffrey Popkin
Co-Chairs, Annual Shofar Appeal

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