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The Aspen Executive Seminar

Aspen Executive Seminar
2020 Scholarship Application

Applications reviewed on a rolling basis contingent upon available funds

The Aspen Executive Seminar depends on a diversity of perspectives as participants explore the values that underlie the decisions we make as individuals, organizations, and as a society. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to offer half tuition in the amount of $6,175 to qualifying applicants.

In general, scholarship funds are reserved for participants from the non-profit sector, some government agencies, and for-profit organizations whose budget does not allow attendance at the full rate.

In every instance, applicants are asked to secure the balance of funding before submitting the scholarship application. An institutional endorsement, including an affirmation of the balance of funds, must accompany each scholarship application (see application for endorsement guidelines).
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Application Information

Institutional Endorsement Guidelines:
  1. Letter should endorse the participant’s application and affirm both the financial need and the value of attendance for the individual’s professional and personal development (how will participation benefit the individual and organization?)
  2. Letter must be signed by a person authorized to guarantee payment of balance of funds
  3. If personal funds will be used, attach signed letter guaranteeing allotment of funds

Nominator name, email, organization
Demographic Information
(to help us assemble the widest range of perspectives at the seminar table)

2020 Costs to Attend

Full participant = $12,350
Participating spouse/guest = $10,750 (shared room, full participation in all seminar events)
Auditing spouse/guest = $6,550 (shared room, full auditing privileges, all meals)
Accompanying spouse/guest = $2,750 (shared room, all meals)

If you would like to bring a guest, please contact Hannah Wardell at hannah.wardell@aspeninstitute.org for additional registration instructions.

If awarded a scholarship, a nonrefundable $950 deposit is required to hold a space in the seminar for 30 days; full payment is due 30 days following receipt of deposit. If full payment is not submitted within the time allotted, we reserve the right to rescind the scholarship.

Aspen Executive Seminar Transfer and Cancellation Policy
  1. Transfer 120 days or more before the seminar: $500 fee
  2. Cancellation 120 days or more before the seminar: $6,175 refund if paid in full
  3. Transfer 120-31 days before the seminar: $2,500 fee
  4. Transfer 30 days before the seminar: $10,000 transfer fee
  5. Cancellation less than 120 days before the seminar: No refund

If you have questions, contact Kalissa.Hendrickson@aspeninstitute.org.