Outdoor Outreach Volunteer Application 

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In applying to serve as an Outdoor Outreach volunteer, I agree that I:

1. Am 18 years of age or older.

2. Will submit fingerprints for Outdoor Outreach's background check through the Department of Justice.

As an Outdoor Outreach Volunteer I will:

1. Represent Outdoor Outreach with professionalism, dignity, and be responsible for conducting myself with courtesy & appropriate behavior.

2. Follow through and complete accepted tasks.

3. Dress and act in an appropriate manner at all times, and be a positive role model.

4. Display respect and courtesy for Outdoor Outreach employees, other volunteers, program participants, and property.

5. Provide a safe environment by not harming youth or adults in any way, whether through discrimination, sexual harassment, physical force, verbal or mental abuse, neglect, or other harmful actions.

6. Respect the privacy of persons served by the organization and hold in confidence sensitive, private, and personal information. (Reports of child abuse or neglect will be handled as per California State Law and Outdoor Outreach policy.)

7. Keep Outdoor Outreach staff informed of progress, concerns and problems within the program (s) in which I participate.

8. Work cooperatively as a team member with Outdoor Outreach employees and other Outdoor Outreach volunteers.

9. Respect and follow Outdoor Outreach policies and program expectations.

10. Keep personal opinions and actions separate from those made as a representative of this organization.

As an Outdoor Outreach volunteer I will not:

1. Use vulgar or inappropriate language.

2. Solicit gratuities, gifts, or bequests for personal or professional benefit.

3. Use or be under the influence of illegal drugs.

4. Consume or be under the influence of alcohol or consume tobacco at youth events.

5. Discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.

Personal Information:

In order to have volunteers be most useful and beneficial on our trips, we require a basic level of experience in the activity you have selected to volunteer on so the instructors' attention is on teaching the participants rather than training volunteers. Rock climbing, surfing and snowboarding, especially, requires you to be comfortable with the activity so you don't need to receive much instruction during the trip. Other activities may require less experience on your part. We strongly encourage volunteers to hone their skills so they can participate in as many of these activities as possible. Please note that volunteer trainings are not offered through our organization at this time. 
General Skills

Camping/Backpacking/Hiking Skills

Rock Climbing Skills

Mountain Biking Skills

Please note that owning and/or bringing your own equipment on trips is optional

Snowboarding Skills

Please note that owning and/or bringing your own equipment on trips is optional

Water Based Activities

Surfing Skills

Snorkeling Skills

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Please note that owning and/or bringing your own equipment on trips is optional

Sea Kayaking

Other Volunteer Opportunities:
In addition to the assistant instructor volunteers, we are also seeking to expand our organizational capacity by providing opportunities for volunteers to help out, organizationally. Aside from the skills rated in the previous section, what other skills and talents do you have that you would like contribute to Outdoor Outreach?
Medical Certifications 
Do you have a Medical Certification? If yes, please choose your highest certification that is most current, as well as any applicable expiration dates. 

Name of medical certifying organization, expiration date

Your Skills

General Medical History - This information is pertinent in the event of a medical emergency

I understand that: 
A. The information given above is up to date and correct. 
B. If there is any change to my physical health, I will notify the Outdoor Outreach office and seek professional advice before joining an Outdoor Outreach experience.
C. I understand the physical demands of an Outdoor Outreach experience and take responsibility for my ability to participate. 

Additional Information

Photo and Video Consent/Release:

Emergency Contact: 
Please list two people for us to contact in the case of an emergency: 

I understand that: 

A. The information I have provided may be verified, if necessary, by contacting any person or organization that may have information concerning my history and background. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless from liability any person or organization that provides information. I also agree to hold harmless the chartered organization, Outdoor Outreach, its officers, employees, and volunteers. 

B. In signing this application, I affirm that the information is true and correct. 


In consideration of the services of Outdoor Outreach, their agents, owners, officers, volunteers, participants, employees, and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on their behalf (hereinafter collectively referred to as "OO"), I hereby agree to release, indemnify, and discharge OO, on behalf of myself, my spouse, my children, my parents, my heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate as follows:

 1. I acknowledge that outdoor adventure based activities such as rock climbing, surfing, snorkeling, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death, or damage to myself, to property, or to third parties. I understand that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity. 

The risks include, among other things: climbing and snowboarding-the hazards of walking on uneven terrain and slips and falls; being struck by rockfall, icefall or other objects dislodged or thrown from above; the use of climbing ropes and equipment; the forces of nature, including lightning, weather changes and avalanche; the risks of falling off the rock, mountain or into a crevasse; the risks of exposure to insect bites; the risk of altitude and cold including hypothermia, frostbite, acute mountain sickness; my own physical condition, and the physical exertion associated with this activity. Mountain Biking-accidents involving other bicycles or vehicles; collision with fixed or movable objects; injuries or accidents involving contact with the bicycle; falls from the bicycle; the negligence of other operators of motor vehicles or myself; weather conditions; my own physical condition; the condition of roads, terrain, or highways and accidents connected with their use; contact with animals or insects. Furthermore, OO employees have difficult jobs to perform. They seek safety, but they are not infallible. They might be unaware of a participant's fitness or abilities. They might misjudge the weather or other environmental conditions. 

They may give incomplete warnings or instructions, and the equipment being used might malfunction. 

2. I expressly agree and promise to accept and assume all of the risks existing in this activity. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary, and I elect to participate in spite of the risks. 
3. I hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless OO from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action, which are in any way connected with my participation in this activity or my use of OO's equipment or facilities, including any such claims which allege negligent acts or omissions of OO. 
4. Should OO or anyone acting on their behalf, be required to incur attorney's fees and costs to enforce this agreement, I agree to indemnify and hold them harmless for all such fees and costs. 
5. I certify that I have adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage I may cause or suffer while participating, or else I agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage myself. I further certify that I am willing to assume the risk of any medical or physical condition I may have. 
6. In the event that I file a lawsuit against OO, I agree to do so solely in the state of California, and I further agree that the substantive law of California shall apply in that action without regard to the conflict of law rules of that state. I agree that if any portion of this agreement is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining document shall remain in full force and effect. 

By signing this document, I acknowledge that if anyone is hurt or property is damaged during my participation in this activity, I may be found by a court of law to have waived my right to maintain a lawsuit against OO on the basis of any claim from which I have released them herein. 

I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document. I have read and understood it, and I agree to be bound by its terms.